Spending your life with with someone you weren’t brought up together is an herculean task since you don’t share similar value systems, your world views and perspective are different yet you to share everything from a roof to a bed for a significant lifetime. Men who fancy family life should be pretty careful and calculative while handpicking a life partner. Not that all ladies are bad however, not all the ladies out there are worth settling down with.

Not all of them will diligently look after your kids. Not all of them will be peaceful , reserved, understanding and wise. Here are the cohorts of women you should avoid or else they will torment,haunt and embarrass you making you to live a remorseful life away from your house and kids as you seek solace in the bottle and barmaids;

THE DRINKING GALLONS; any lady who knows the difference between Guarana and Johnie walker red label is out of bounds. These are the types who could alphabetically arrange alcoholic drinks from letter A-Z faster than they can prepare omelets, in a blink of an eye. They drink anything on offer be it beer,Kibao Vodka or blue moon . This clique of women are always looking for the next house parties,black and white parties and weekend getaways. They disappear on Fridays and appear online on Monday midday,whatever, happened in the last 72 hours is known only by them,God and Satan. They are known by their two names in all counters from Club X in Westlands Club Y in Central Business District (CBD) and Club Z in Kitengela.

SOCIAL MEDIA TYPE; ladies who are constantly posting their pictures on social media to gain traction and receive compliments and likes always have a low self esteem,don’t argue with me on this because am not your mother in law. Therefore they try to compensate it with likes. Most of them are attention seekers posting everything that happens in both their real and imaginary life from buying doll shoes on the street,drinking coffee at Java to eat outs at ‘KFC’. They want the whole world to know they have made it yet they are struggling. All their photos are always with accompanied with filters and fancy captions.

THE ANGRY TYPE; am not trying to stereotype against vertically challenged ladies however,everything about them matches their height such as their short temperament,majority fall under this category though some tall ones are also in this cohort.They will ostensibly kill you quick as they are devoid of happiness. They don’t smile. They just can’t do a task and be lively about it. They are always full of rage. Blistering with anger with every piece of reply they give in process of a conversation. Such ladies will be rendezvousing on regulars. Putting self justification with the statement “I couldn’t sit here listen to you, so I opted to go away lest my anger turned chaotic,” You would not be all happy with these type, thoughts of filing for a divorce will always be crossing your mind on a daily basis the marriage is likely to be dead on arrival.

DADY’S Daughter; Any lady who will always draw comparisons between you and his dad is a dangerous type avoid her after the first date. These types would want to mould your behavior,attitude and perception so that you can be similar like her dad on how you dress,present yourself and speak. She will not settle until she has managed to configure you properly so that you always remind her of her dad not knowing how long it took her mum to mould her dad to his current shape.

MY EX; Every time you argue she will always say my ex was better than you blah blah blah and when you ask her why she left she becomes agitated.They are masters of double speak who don’t mean what they say and are always ready to walk out on you any time she feels convenient.

THE HURTING; Relationships usually come with heartbreaks,. And with heartbreaks, individuals are on most occasions left with heavy hearts. If you manage to land these type as a housewife, the results might be somewhat catastrophic. A lady who is hurting is a fragile one. One who constantly lives in fear of being drawn into the old state of trauma and baggage she experienced before. This one will be worried about anything and everything. You don’t get home early and she is worried you have abandoned her. You don’t call regularly and she imagines you have found another person worth spending time with. She will always pick fights where there isn’t any,poking through your phone, asking who were you talking to amongst a myriad of questions with no definite answers.

THE PROUD ONE; A proud woman is one not every man will develop a liking towards.as a matter of fact, almost all men detest proud women. Lets not mistake issues here confidence and pride aren’t similar confirm with your Oxford English  Dictionary.They come with a basket full of demands from how they can’t do laundry and dishes thus you must buy a washing machine and dish washer to how they won’t replace their fathers name with yours on their national identity card instead they will hyphenate it.Proud women will always want to talk of their successes, subjecting men to suppression and inferiority. Men like subtle and reserved women. Women who are composed and down to earth. Most men are dictators who like their word to be treated as law.

THE POPE’S DAUGHTER; These ones are so uprightly pious. Both morally and spiritually. Socially, they would want the society to perceive them as sinless and God fearing. It isn’t bad at all to have a strict church believer as a wife, but these ones will just overdo everything. They will act extra holy and relate each and every aspect in life to their pastor’s summons. They won’t do anything out of personal resort but often seek spiritual advice from the clergy. They will blame Satan unnecessarily for everything bad that happens including your child’s failure to perform well in class to your mother constant interference in your marital issues.


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