Shisha smoking has turned campus women to chimneys
Shisha smoking has turned campus ladies to chimneys

Bottomline: Exposure to absolute freedom after a strict warlike high school education with 100% parental control leads to over indulgence and experimentation of the don’ts forgetting absolute freedom corrupts absolutely

There can be no better relief to a parent than hoping the next time they see you; a ‘person’ who has exhausted financial resources thanks to years of academic indulgence. You’ll say “lipa bill” or rather “hey, my house needs renovation.” Parents will testify that educating a child from kindergarten to varsity level costs an arm an a leg.

A few weeks ago a final year Moi University student, Felix Oduor, who had three weeks left to clear his studies was on 16th March 2019, stabbed to death by a fellow comrade in a popular campus joint. Suicide missions have been witnessed following love triangles across various institutions of high learning with love gone sour tales that often leave a lifeless body behind for parents,guardians and friends to mourn the loss of a loved one, a life has just been cut short. It’s now evident that the 8-4-4 system is very unpredictable. Education has slowly been reduced to a gamble.

“That’s the reason I worked hard for my D grade to avoid that dangerous place (university)” The tweet has gone viral across social media platforms with a small tight knot on the verge of giving it a second thought of acknowledgement. Is the young generation just going to perform poorly for fear of varsity life?

It’s not once that thuggery, rape cases , drug addicts and disorganized sluggards has been associated with genius youth who in real sense, have been degeniused by the process of life. Exposure to absolute freedom after a strict warlike high school education with 100% parental control leads to over indulgence and experimentation of the don’ts forgetting absolute freedom corrupts absolutely..

Life here being varsity life. Moreover, concordant views have been given about students not being well oriented to this lifestyle of freedom,classwork and leisure. Surely early twenties is a crucial point for self decision making and life plans in the midst of peer influence. Millennials are more buried in pursuit of life partners and merry making, they call it YOLO, you only live once anyway……

“University life isn’t dangerous anyway, it’s the best place to be not unless we learn to identify our conflicts of interest and shun from DCM; Deseased Moral Character.” Says a comrade.

The commissioner for varsity education recently rejected a number of courses offered in public Universities. This left thousands of students lifeless, to students who were almost finishing the so called useless courses ,the message brought harm; key reason for increased go slows and crime rates within universities.

Some saw this rejection as an insensitive act. While guardians walk with heads high and praise their kids for pursuing degree courses, the struggles are only known to the students themselves. It’s a life where the saying; “Survival for the fittest” comes in. Fit to endure unending lectures, a balance of freedom,splashing cash among others baring in mind that the entire village expects success at the end of the four years. “Utaambia nini watu” meaning what willy you tell people, people who value your course and treat you with respect. In case the harvest is poor then what explanation will you craft to explain what might have gone south during the planting season?

Let’s tie the knot, a man once said; “A man who has never gone to school may steal from a freight car but if he has a university education, he may steal the whole rail road.” Even as we let off steam to have fun in weekend, it’s only prudent that we give academics a larger priority. An average undergraduate has more to accomplish than taking leading roles in suicide missions.



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