Bottomline: She never keeps it a secret that she is a single mum at her age, it is written on her back and even on her forehead, you can almost hear her pronouncing it every single time she moves her lips…

‘Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less’ ~ Marie Curie taught me that 😊.


I really held myself down and I must say I came out tougher than I could have ever imagined. By the way, here is a fact that might make me sound cocky but then again I am not a pride filled narcissist who can swear to having it all figured out, the exaggerated #PositiveVibes just have a way of keeping me in check. If I could be talking about me behind my back, this is exactly what I could say.

“She deserves a golden award. You do not see her doing it but she always comes out as a super woman, she could definitely pass as a Marie Curie of our time and did you hear? She never keeps it a secret that she is a single mum at her age, it is written on her back and even on her forehead, you can almost hear her pronouncing it every single time she moves her lips! How does she even play that character? She must be way ahead of herself.” I just said that with a wide smile on my face.

I made myself at home in a dank space, I suppose musty could also pronounce comfort after all. Poor chameleons me! Yes I was slow to respond with a positive mindset but I finally reached the brighter end anyway, good thing I was born a patient soul.

With my situation came questions. Questions that I could not afford to ignore since as it was, they were the only way through which I could pour out my heart to those who cared or rather, pretended to care (human nature has got its ways, you know) either way, I delightfully traded the questions with answers and felt better at the end of the day.

What happens when you are a warm blooded vulnerable woman who sees sincerity in everyone that holds your shoulders and hands you a handkerchief when you need one? You just break down, sometimes rant and even tell them all that you needed to let out. Well, once I was that woman and the questions came along and without fear, I honestly answered but then there are the questions I wished they could ask me now. Like for example:

How does it feel being a mum?
June the 25th is going to be the introduction to my third year as a mother and I can testify that it is an arena of mixed feelings. There are those gloomy days when you’re worn out and wants to entirely give up then there are the sun-owned days when you just feel empowered, invigorated and ready to face anything, the lets-do-this days. On these days you feel like you can strangle anyone that mistreats kids, you get emotional too much immediately assigning yourself a full time job With NO amount of financial pay, well, unless you are a surrogate mother, haha.

So now that it’s showtime for you, do you have any fears?
I’m comfortable where I am and most of my fears have been erased because I’m getting to understand more and more why things happen and how to conquer them. I got uncertainties though because I cannot tell what the future holds. There are times I wish I could control all the happenings and just have my baby grow according to what my heart wants but then there is fate and there is destiny, all I can do is act to my best and leave the rest to the Almighty.

What inspires you the most as a mum? 
My boy is a charm and he is my everyday inspiration. With every baby step he makes, every milestone he undergoes, with every word and every action, with every inch of growth and with every remarkable move he takes, I learn not only how to become a better person but also a better mum.

I could say he completes me. He honestly gives me reasons to live and love each and every passing day. Cowabunga! That boy gives me joy.

What warms your heart the most?
The little things he does and says. When he says please, excuse me, sorry mama or thank you.  When he says, “I want to share with my friends.” When he runs to me for protection, when he defends me and even cries for me, his little, warm hugs. He makes me feel stronger, he makes me feel able each and every time he pecks my cheeks, lips or forehead then says “I love you mama,” my spirit is uplifted as I just feel lifted.

Worst habit as a mum?
The internet, boom!! That thing got me raising my baby according to its ways but I try to keep it natural. I could use the tips from the net once in a while but then at times I just get clueless assuming the internet knows my baby better than I do.

You got any regrets?
I got a number of failures but no regrets whatsoever. I love being a mum as it is undoubtedly the best thing that has ever happened to me, for this I say thanks to the one who made me a mother, it has been a delightful experience.

Baby dramas, do they happen to you? 
Haha. Ask me about that one more time? They are the most irritating. OK, I hate punishing or scolding my bambino but I got to do it anyway ’cause I do not fancy the drama, he has to be moulded anyway. At times he even shouts at me, points his index finger my way and tells me to shut up, tell me a kid that does that to a black African mum and gets away with it.

It has been a great, awesome journey all through. I hope for brighter days ahead, keep the questions coming, Annie will answer.  😁😁