Crave, my beloved

Crave right from the bellows

Crave and never lose the spark

Be hungry for greatness and never try to nark at it.


Breath my son,

Breath and never at any point swallow

Dream, my treasure,

Dream and never forget to live

And in mind, always have the thought that not all is savoury.


Learn to be flexible,

Find your way through in every situation,

whether in light or at dark, let your eyes lead you on.

Finding sight in the dark might be a callous affair, that I know,

But do not concentrate much on the dense

I will always be by your side,

To keep up with the guide

Do not be shaken, it will be a safe  ride

And believe that the lights will shine.

Let’s trod


Give me the urge to move on

The taste of your youth might entail the ‘sweetness’ of a poison

And with it, conflicts might arise

But I always will remind you that I am your momma

Then with that, we will get along


Do not push so hard step by step is always sure,

it doesn’t matter whether it’s a tad, just push on.

Add flavour to life and don’t get too fixed on being bland without taste

Be strong at heart

You will need the strength when the magnitude of the tides arises and become cumbersome

It is bound to happen and sometimes your days might darken

When these times come, you will have your strength to count on

And I always will be there, waiting for you with open arms,

Just remember to breath.


Pray my son

And never let your heys go to waste

It is very fulfilling and refreshing to be by the Deity’s side

Always make him the Almighty in all your days

Never treasure a lie and never host a faint heart

It is better to be kind than bitter

So even in your saddest days, remember the glitter

Be wise in all your dealings

And never go mingling with the devious


Grow my boy

Grow and always be true

Grow and learn.

Get well versed with the tricks of life

Then live it fully without any regrets whatsoever

Do not give up if the hammer hits too hard

For that is exactly how masterpieces are made

Fight for it day night

Then eventually you will soar to greater heights and a super hero you will be


There might come a time when your tears might not drown your sorrows

And the storms too much for a soul

Hold on tight to your hopes and prevent your faith from the wavers.

You are strong, hence your name,


Always remember that


Wholeheartedly love and leave no room for hate

For hate withers the soul in haste

Love in the happy times and in the tides

And when you become fortunate enough,

Never forget to feed your thoughts, heart and soul

For that is where it all begins, the sole purpose of life.


This is from momma to you, son

Let’s make it shine with every shining sun

Let’s make this life our happiest side

And about the odds, let us defy them all

With the Almighty by our side, we’re sure to conquer it all.

I love you my son, I forever will

Wishing you utmost peace and joy in your growth.

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The beauty of my youth is what drives my desire to grow older because I'm always convinced that when it fades, there will be a whole new chapter of beauty waiting; the beauty of old age. Sounds ironical, right? But that's what I'm made of. I'm a puzzle that's difficult to solve. The out-going introvert and the fire that cannot be quenched with water. It's hard to be me at times but my enthusiasm for life always keeps me tracking and reminding me that I gotta be just me and nobody else. That's the reason why I like to show to the world what I'm made of and the adventures this world has taken me through.


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