Bottomline:  Creating lasting connections is a life’s hustle, everyone knows anyone in one way or another thus to move mountains connections are required.
Every Kenyan is always behind schedule always multi tasking as they try to make ends meet. Hustling is the true Kenyan spirit, rarely does one escape falling through cracks experiencing life storms. Anyone whose source of income isn’t guaranteed and has daily activities aligned to natural cycles like weather falls in this group. In fact, writing about hustling is my hustle. A life without “ mama mboga”, the woman who sells vegetables would definitely be boring.
Furthermore, behind these innocent faces lies a sea of professionals owning those businesses.Every business starts with hustling unless you are an inheritor. A friend once joked that inheritors are yet been to be born. The elephant in the room remains, who is the Lord of poverty?
The rule survival for the fittest has taken Kenyans to another level. Not so long Murang’a residents were hunting monkeys for food, we all know monkeys are distant cousins to human beings it’s surprising how humans can turn on their “brothers’. A Nakuru resident confessed to skinning cats for close to six years now as he sought to establish a reliable supplying line to specific clients who make Meaty Samosas, he proved that cats don’t have nine lives as we are often lied to. It would be an understatement to forget the many corrupt Kenyans who loot billions of money to lead lavish lifestyles. Notwithstanding, “let people do what they can to survive,you only live once “
Inside the small world plays a series of activities from fruit vendors, hawkers parading along various streets, food vendors, shoe menders all the way to prominent business personnel’s and artists like DJ Kalonje and Nyashinski. Its time we recognize these great minds as part of a bigger group that contribute immensely to economic growth
University students are also unique hustlers with they unwritten commandment “only the fittest hustler survives.” Let it be known that varsity life costs an arm and a leg, students resort to a variety of survival tricks to escape the drudgery of money making. The little cash we plunder from our parents isn’t enough to cover our daily expenses,print hand outs, exam projects, pay for unexpected disciplinary cases, stomach affairs, trips,Friday night rendezvous, weekend getaways, landlords and house keepers ‘upkeep’. Unfortunately in the shoe of every campus boy child lies a campus slay queen who awaits her significant share of plunder.
Lightning strike dead legends who said youthful life is fun.When the weekend mood starts creeping in one has to party hard, tour places, but in the absence of money all this is imaginary.Its now evident that apart from acquiring a degree and passing exams, a comrade has to experience life to the fullest. Who doesn’t want an expensive phone, laptop and a trendy attires? It’s no news to see a first year you saw wearing ‘Cinderella’ dress now in a rugged jeans and crop top. When a former ‘kabambe’ owner treats himself or herself with an iPhone, now that is hustling. All the same that is life.
“Classes can wait, I am still busy hustling “says Becky an education student. University has been reduced to a business undertaking especially during morning and evenings hours.
Doris talks of how she has to supply chapattis to shops knocking door to door convincing students to buy . The job is never easy for at times she has to miss morning lectures, worse still some cruel customers would simply reply “ staki hizo vitu”, I don’t need those things.
Rodgers Getuba alongside his colleague Gerald who ferry cakes from Eldoret town on a  daily basis, this is about 35 kilometers from campus.During rainy seasons transportation is their greatest nightmare, occasionally some cakes spoil when the demand is low, walking from hostel to hostel isn’t a child play. Nevertheless the hustle has now become part of us. “We are forced to go through all odds to maintain our profit margins”, says Rogers. Others engage selling second hand cloths, supplying sweets and fruits. It’s no big deal to see a male comrade selling girls underpants and vice versa.
The famous stage market is a business haven for students. Activities like selling vegetables , hiring bicycles and running boutiques are always operational even during rainy seasons.
Online businesses also comes in handy to students making money online. Creating lasting connections is a life’s hustle, everyone knows anyone in one way or another thus to move mountains connections are required.
It’s all about taking heart, you are a hustler? You don’t owe anyone a bright future, walk with your head held high.


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