I finally gave Seleena the treatment of a queen I promised her during our courtship. Talk of a man of his words. She was over the moon with joy when I shared the news. I had convinced Miss Vicky, our managing editor to allow my wife Seleena appear on the main screen for the second time in her life. Her debut appearance on TV was when we had our wedding aired on Rafiki TV. She had actually proposed that we hire Madaraka Express as our wedding venue. To her it was a miracle when she became the first member of her chama to get that close to a functional camera thus she was voted as a treasurer with a landslide in appreciation.

This time Seleena was scaling the heights of success in all dimensions and she felt anyone who didn’t know this owed her an apology. First she was pregnant with twins above all, she had hit a century of followers on Instagram where she updated every second of her pregnancy. Seleena was also blessed to have a husband, a friend and a superman in me. Considering her state, It was my responsibility to do all her house chores from laundry to utensils. All she was left to do was to breathe in and out which I wished I could do for her too. My dad would even peel sugarcane for my mother when she was in such a state.

Seleena thought of running an account on Viusasa, something that goes like ‘Keeping up with pregnant Seleena’ just to give Lilian a run for her money. When I told her she could do it on live TV she gave me that smile I only see in Netflix series. I loved the idea of Seleena going public because the world would know that am no joke when it comes to manufacturing babies. Besides, no one in my village had managed a brace in his first attempt on goal,

Getting a show on Rafiki TV for my expectant Seleena was as easy as acquiring a tender at the National Youth Service where you walk in  without tender documents and come out loaded with sacks of cash. I knew exactly what button to press to make Vicky say yes all the way. Being the next in command, I had tonnes of Vicky’s scandals at my fingertips which I used as a direct ticket to her heart. I am the only one who knows Vicky procured three studio cameras only to deliver a refurbished cyber shot probably from some black market in Githurai. I also knew that Vicky slashed a few thousands from staff breakfast budget.

Knowing that I had a water-tight case to soil her entire career and reputation, she scheduled Seleena’s show to begin the following Thursday. All was okay until she mentioned that Maggie, the intern I have been sweating out trying to win her heart would help Seleena with the show. If Seleena knew that Maggie and I had something going on she would literally tear apart the poor girl.

All that Seleena needed was a few hours and the whole plot knew that she would be on TV, from the plumber to the landlord all with whom we had some unsettled dues. For her preparation, she had filled her closet with those long robes our expectant mothers love, bought a tummy trimmer for her workouts and started dieting. She then took it the whole story for discussion and appraisal by her chama members within no time my mother called to congratulate me if the twins indeed happen to be mine. How she knew all these only the heavens know. She also mentioned something about keeping her television until Seleena’s show is over because she hated even my wife’s shadow. The feud between Seleena and my mother is a story for another day.


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