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Bottomline: yes something in this case means everything like who should sleep on the lower bed,when are friends allowed to visit, which genre of songs should play, the list is endless.

Everyone who has stayed within campus hostels can tell you of the struggles of having a roommate. The situation is worsened when you book a room with a total stranger eagerly waiting for the admission day to see what fate will serve you.

Other people conspire in advance with friends to book the same room,however, this often ends up with many arguments culminating to loss of friendship when you decide to talk of the things you can’t put up with anymore.

It would be better to book a room with a stranger than with a friend because even if you argue, there is nothing to lose in the end, because its a guarantee you will have always disagree over something, yes something in this case means everything like who should sleep on the lower bed,when are friends allowed to visit, which genre of songs should play, the list is endless.

The first few days are good as both of you try to size each other acting like best of friends. You are always together in making the best out of your room. You get the electricity fixed, buy a carpet, coil and some utensils in addition to what either of you has brought from home. You buy food and cook together, their friends become yours and yours too become theirs.

With time you notice you two have different lifestyles but you choose to tolerate their snoring or unhygienic behaviors, since you are both sharing the room. Life is all good until one day she crosses the line, yew we all have lines and limits. Green with rage this becomes the beginning of the end of your friendship.

Usually it begins with whose turn it is to clean the room and wash the utensils. The roommate has started being a bug who just feeds but doesn’t clean the room nor the utensils. It reaches a point where you two stop doing things together including cooking and sharing the utensils. The party that never had the utensils starts purchasing them one by one. This grudge grows stirring up many more fights from nonsensical arguments.

There are those people who usually have an issue when others sit on their beds, if you get such a rookie when it happens that you took the top bunk, then your whole semester has just turned into a nightmare. Issues start arising because you brought your friends to the room and they sat on the bottom bed because the reading chairs are already occupied. Some can be cruel to a point they make you wash their bedding. Yeah that’s right.

You will know that there are petty people in this world because the things you consider nothing are top priority to them. Ever heard of someone telling you not to switch on the lights when you wake up early to prepare for that 6 or 7 O’ clock lecture. They claim the light makes them lose their sleep and you should use the flashlight from your phone to prepare yourself. You may feel like slapping the crap out of someone because they are already ruining your day before it has actually started? Well such are the times.

Cohabiting becomes a great issue when one party that thinks she has found a husband romances with ‘husband’ in the presence of the other roommate, mostly they are never even adorable. The dude will not contribute anything but thinks hitting the sheets is contribution enough. This is what causes the other roommate to go pirate in another room that has peace to leave room for Snow White and The Beast . These basically are the roommate struggles which you have to live with and make a choice of loving or hating.


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