The cold weather has conspired with the World Cup, gluing us to our screens.There are those unfortunate days when one is forced to attend lectures, animated conversations revolving around who scored the best goal, which team was carried by the referee to which team failed to qualify.

Whether you are a football fanatic or not, you have probably heard of French wonderkid or is it golden boy, Kylian Mbappe. At nineteen, he has already been dubbed ‘the symbol of a new era for French football.’ Although this makes a good inspirational book, it gets you wondering on what you are doing with the most productive years of your life; your twenties.

Experimental age; the greatest dilemma you are having is whether you should eat a KDF or splurge on an indomie for lunch in the afternoon, you probably intend to play safe. Mostly your life is a regular routine; wake up, eat, rush to class, go to sleep, repeat. You would probably not realize it, but this age presents the most opportune time to explore and try out new things. Your mind might be clouded with questions; what would my friends think of me? Will I even make it? Am I only making a fool of myself? Cliché, but you will only know if you try it.

Procrastinator;“I’ll do it tomorrow.” All of us have that small voice in our minds that always convinces you to turn right when you were to turn left. So you close your books and snuggle up in your bed. You have a serious C.A.T in the morning, but you attended all the classes, the course is relatively easy and ‘mbinguni hakuna degree’ moreover we all die anyway, is the struggle worth it? Our twenties go by in a blur because we all concentrate so much on crouching in anticipation that we forget to reach our goals. That is why when you get to your thirties, the only thing you look forward to is, retirement and that slice of cake you can sneak in after work before you go to an equally dissatisfied spouse and noisy children.

420; Red droopy eyes with unexpected bouts of laughter is your new look. You have missed more lectures than you can count with your two hands ,spurting out random speeches like Martin Luther King. They did not mean that you should transform yourself into a human chimney when they said ‘ujana ni moshi.’ Putting into consideration the various health benefits and chronic disease survivors it has helped, should not set you off your initial path.

Smoke and mirrors;To err is human, but our failure is determined by our inability to correct ourselves. Explore! Try out skating, learn how to knit, get yourself a pet and master a foreign language. Within this age bracket, make sure to enjoy the inexhaustible varieties of life, because before you know it, you will be daunted by children’s school fees,marriage pressures, thorny bosses, a 8 to 5 paced job,morgage and car loans.



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