Bottomline: we have endured basic commodity price hikes, mercury laced sugar,plastic rice,adulterated fuel and the deportation of Miguna, surely that should count for something?

On the long to do list of life that has been supposedly passed down from our ancestors, the most important item-written in red and underlined-is procreating. There is really nothing wrong with the need to continue the lineage, but a matter that has constantly clashed older generations and the current ones is how to raise their children, each believing they are better than the other. Many contrasts have been drawn out between the clashing parties, grandparents fighting with parents on the best way to raise a child, and no doubt each and every generation will face the same peril in an attempt to ensure the survival of the human race.

Weakening the bloodline
“You’re 20? When I was your age I had three wives, fifty goats and two pet hyenas” You’d hear them mutter when you complain about your battery dying on you, whether this very unrealistic story is true or not, you are meant to marvel by congratulating your grandfather on his various achievements. The African culture does no favors to millennials either, where one’s worth in the homestead is measured by the amount of cows he can graze and bring back home intact. We might not have been through the Moi era where it was compulsory for one to endure a year of forced labor at The National Youth Service before proceeding for university education, however, we have endured basic commodity price hikes, mercury laced sugar,plastic rice,adulterated fuel and the deportation of Miguna, surely that should count for something?

Bonus points for ‘Bora Uhai’? No?
From the point of conception to learning how to walk, the modern day baby is guided by apps, Instagram doctors and WebMD. Millennial parents are supposedly so ‘woke’ and self-sufficient that they are raising their children in contrast to their parents toxic ways-through the guidance of their phones, of course. From sweet potatoes and porridge as breakfast to cereal and an assortment of exotic fruits that grows a child’s brain 0.001% more than the average child’s. In the ancient days, a parent would leave for work by the time you wake up only for you to make do with sugarless black tea and left over ugali for breakfast, bora uhai right?

Jack the dull boy
Some of the millennial parents must have slipped past quality control in the parenting department. With the all time rush to party, get rowdy and gather as many falsely posh photos for Instagram, who has time for raising a child? That’s why Jack, our modern day baby has learnt to self soothe by unlocking a Smartphone. In fact Jack is so accustomed to keeping himself busy that he can go on YouTube to watch his favorite tune, Baby Shark, on loop all day long, ensuring he neither sees the sun, nor kicks a ball throughout the school holiday. Since Jack is never told what to do, he will grow up to be an anti-social video game addict who has deep thoughts on the fragility of the human race yet it all started with a nursery rhyme.

The proof is in the pudding
Although there is no scientifically proven method on raising an upright responsible human, their upbringing has a huge effect on their thoughts, interpretations and perspective of the world. For all millennials with off springs, good luck,safe journey and all the best.


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