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Bottomline: it should be noted that the holiday season is a time to reflect on the what has happened in the past year, while setting the pace for the next


‘Tis the season to be jolly. However, if you’re a millennial, ‘tis the season to try and make up for all the months that you have been struggling in work and/or school with partying all round debauchery (as if that will undo all the misery 2019 has caused us).

Has your social media feed been swamped with photogenic pictures and videos of people in various states of enjoyment? Have you, in more than one occasion, stumbled back home at six am from God knows where with a shoe and most of your decency missing?

Have you already made plans against going back home to your grandmother because happy hour is a thing that exists? Is everyone you know, against sanity, their better judgement suddenly getting married? Welcome to the end of the year!

Wrapping things up; It might be gifts for your nephew, or that short fling that has suddenly dragged on for months. The best wrap up this year though, has to be Trump’s career (doesn’t it just fill you with giddy excitement that his stubby fingers no longer roam childishly above nuclear launchers?) but I digress. Decluttering, a current cult classic has been taken up literally and figuratively.

Since the discovery of Marie Kondo, everyone including their third cousin is rushing to cut back on something. It might be the seven hundred blouses you own, your sleazy partner who never texts back on time or that one friend who never likes you Instagram posts, therefore not wishing you prosperity.

We millennials have been, time and again, warned about our ‘I can’t fix it so ill throw it’ attitude, but with the way #leaveItIn2019 is slowly heating up, that will most likely not happen.

Tail tucked; Very few things compare to the defeated silence from the once very verbose nonsensical impeached Trump, that could be you when faced with the task of human interaction out of your work place. Where once you were the person whose work station was milled by people wanting some office gossip, now you’re in the presence of your home friends and family, who you’ve barely seen the past year.

It’s like an awkward first date with a person you met on social media. You realizing that you barely have anything to speak about with them shouldn’t deter you from maximum enjoyment, which should be your goal right now.

All those in favour say aye; So you wake up one morning to discover your wildest dreams have come true. Am I talking about Trump’s impeachment? Partially, but for the most part, it’s that end of year leave you have been waiting for. You leave work one sunny Friday afternoon, then you take a deep breath because the rest of the year lays before you, free to do as you wish with.

All of a sudden there are plans to go for road trips with #ganggang, there’s a few eateries alongside joints you want to hit up before going to hibernate at Grandma’s, all those friends you’ve been dying to have brunch with not to mention all those end of year offers accompanied with ridiculous discounts, because Christmas can come early sometimes.

The worst case scenario is going to the coast, where you will see more people on the beach than sand. The best case scenario is you will have a nice holiday filled with laughter, joy and a live streaming of Trump’s impeachment (or better yet, have it on loop) with a nice hot beverage. Nothing says happy holidays quite like an open acknowledgement of the incompetence of first world leaders.

Rain on my parade; Before this escalates into a full on diatribe against Mr. Trump, because the berating he got at the House of Representatives was the highlight of everyone’s Christmas wish list, it should be noted that the holiday season is a time to reflect on the what has happened in the past year, while setting the pace for the next. Have you achieved the goals you set for yourself this year (probably not, which only serves as fodder for my next articles). Will you know better as you go into the next decade? Only time will tell.