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Bottomline: come January nobody will remember even if #WajingaNyinyi ever existed in the first place back to default settings cheering our political class for short term benefits (handouts) or perceived longtime benefits when your tribesmen ascend to power.Otherwise Wajinga Is Nyinyi

The intention might have been to write a strongly worded open letter, but owing to the fact that it is forgivesmas, the wording will be light. Very light or as light as possible…

Be that as it may, injustice leaves a bad taste in everyone’s mouth, which is why when a popular Kenyan singer was allegedly summoned at the DCI for calling out a few names involved in a corruption scandals in his song, people were outraged. ‘Defamation’ was thrown around (although the reputation of said ‘victim’ was already under scrutiny, but anyway), lawyers were called to arms and the good old ‘you don’t know who I am and what I can do’ did not miss out on this party’s guest list.

Bad bunny; There is a certain degree of power and pain that freedom of speech holds in a country like ours. Fighting twitter wars may make you feel like a warrior, but 280 characters are barely enough to straighten out a fast collapsing country with mammoth debts,overflowing poverty and obvious unemployment/underemployment the bear populace has to shoulder.

That is why when King Kaka’s Wajinga Nyinyi lyrical composition was uploaded on YouTube; it had one million views in just 24 hours, more than Gengetone Wamlambez Wamnyonyez Wameverything then #wajinganyinyi quickly caught fire amongst the tweeps.

The outrage was astonishing! The song was a wild fire, setting ablaze everything in its wake. Lyrics were quoted, feelings were caught and promises were made. Kenyans could not possibly be held back from their righteous rage. Debt in trillions! Stolen public funds in billions! It used to be in millions in previous regimes stacked somewhere in offshore accounts with Swiss banks and Cayman island shell companies.

Pending and ghost projects in every county,by the way there is this governor who has office furniture is worth 9.9 million, the audacity(I wonder what type of office work in Bomet county warrants that sort of frivolous furniture, must be pretty promising work that you do for the common citizenry ‘wananchi’)! The ire of the people was palpable.

Kenyans are very angry online but are they angry offline to make the country ungovernable the way Egyptians did with Hosni Mubarak in the January 25, 2011 revolution with sit ins at Tahrir square that forced the strongman out after close to 900 deaths and score of injured civilians. No they are not our tribal mentality can’t allow us to pursue such a revolution so #WajingaNyinyi till Jesus comes back…

The gist of it; Like all good things, the hype dwindled as the days went by, because as the song predicted, we have been blessed with political amnesia. We treat scandals and corruption cases as the new shiny toy on a play ground. It is passed around for the first few days, turned this was and that as children find faults while examining it, then quickly forgotten when the next new toy is brought.

Blatant shameless manipulation of laws with a generous side of misappropriation of funds is the dazzling new toy to grace the mouths of the people for a few days before a bigger scandal is unveiled. We treat these revelations with the haughty indifference of foreigners, like they are happening to other people and we are just bystanders who are to be entertained, not bothered by the predicted outcome.

Moral compass pointing south; To put things in perspective (which we all have had a lot of, perspectives, that is), if this was a relationship, we would be the girl who always picks the wrong guy after dumping the wrong guy willingly or forcefully. She wallows in self pity, says that she has been dealt the wrong cards because how could it possibly be her fault?

Then goes out into the dating pool, roams around the shallow end and pulls out the most poisonous one of them all. In this story, the girl never gets a good fish befitting her, she gets the fish that stings her, calls her names and robs her in broad daylight while she stares at it open mouthed (by fish I mean man, by man I mean… you understand right?). The fish is not to blame though, it is the girl (who is the mwananchi, you get my point?).

Two horse race; The glass can neither be half full nor half empty if the glass has a hole in it. No matter how much water you keep pouring into it, it will never really fill to the brim. We need to realize that we are feeding politicians holed stomachs, hoping that one day they might burp in contentment and spare us a morsel. We delegate our responsibility of holding our leaders to account who owe us more than they give, to other people. The circle comes back to itself, we are the ‘other people’and so who does the responsibility still fall to? Us. Any Happy holidays everyone come January nobody will remember even if #WajingaNyinyi ever existed in the first place back to default settings cheering our political class for short term benefits (handouts) or perceived longtime benefits when your tribesmen ascend to power.Otherwise Wajinga Is Nyinyi


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