Arguable the worlds oldest trade which was initially took place secretively, sex for sale has turned the worlds oldest trade into the newest and most lucrative way of making money,lots of money, quick money.Initially it was an open market where flesh peddlers paraded their wares for the willing buyers to inspect before, negotiations, offers and counter offers are made, a desired compromise arrived at and off they went to enjoy the pleasures.

A quick read of R. Barri Flowers 2011 book,Prostitution in the Digital age: Selling sex from the suit to the street on gets to understand why the worlds oldest profession has flourished for centuries, as documented through historical and religious books, literature, fiction, criminological and true crime writings

Modern day prostitution has brought in some dynamics which have completely changed the flesh peddling business.There has been a massive migration of prostitution from the cold night city streets to estates where they ply the trade day and night unlike the ancient days where it was so unspeakable to the extent it was undertaken under the cover of darkness in secret selective places.

Here is how the world oldest profession has thrived and survived the undercurrents of modernity,law and public perception;

Escorts; They are the elite unit of commercial sex workers who serve a wealthy clientele usually outspoken politicians and shrewd businessmen. They are known to be practice high levels of client confidentiality thus maintaining their clientele. They recruit ladies with college education who are well polished in at least two foreign languages. Usually they have a wide variety of escorts from different ethnicities,nationalities and races. Clients usually deal with the escort agency not the escorts, an escort who tries to go behind the agency back in dealing with a client is often expelled from the agency or fined heavily.They usually have websites,business cards and social media accounts to increase their visibility. They are the mostly preferred by expatriates,foreign tourists, outspoken politicians, shrewd businessmen, noveau riche and bored married men

Call Girls; a clique of promoted street walkers,fiances,girlfriends and housewives out to make some income from offering out calls to middle level clientele at their homes or in hotel rooms at the clients convenience. They are usually paid 3/4 of the agreed fee upfront before they appear for a session. They usually operate under an ‘agency’ or as a group of friends for security purposes this protects them from exploitation experienced by street walkers and bar hangers who are often taken misused by men who refuse to pay and take off after they have enjoyed their services. They usually have websites,business cards and social media accounts to increase their visibility, like escorts they are confidential and secretive.

Masseuse; massage parlors don’t offer massage only, at an additional cost sexual healing comes at a cost. Most commercial sex work is nowadays masked as professional massage where the masseuses are always waiting for your go ahead to show their true colors.Taking a close look on location of massage parlors,their clientele and masseuses will definitely tell you there is more than massage therapy that takes place between the walls.

Socialites; also known as International Business Women (IBW) they prostitutes without borders who masquerade as business women with good fashion taste with ‘fashion lines’ and ‘beauty outlets’.They often pose as beauty and fashion consultants deceiving our ladies on how they can go to gyms,do exercises and use their beauty products to appear forever young yet they do regular plastic surgeries and are always on unprescribed pills to maintain their size and shapes. With a massive online following, favorable media coverage and strategic public visibility they are able to increase their market value in the commercial sex industry for the highest bidders only, they are usually paid in international currencies mostly dollars and pounds. They live a larger than life lifestyle driving in state of the art automobiles, living in posh neighborhoods and going to vacations in top tourist destinations around the world.

Social Media crawlers; taking advantage of the digital place with social media platforms which have made the world a global village. Through social platforms such as Instagram,Badoo, Facebook and tagged alongside online dating platforms where they have pseudo accounts which have their blurred faces to conceal their real identities more so from people who might be familiar to them such as colleagues,friends,family and associates. They state what they want from the word go from their profiles with captions such as ‘looking for a man to have a good time with who will in-turn appreciate me’ and ‘No time for a man who doesn’t have money’.They usually target white men whom they often perceive to be loaded with cash and are out for sex tourism or adventure. They usually trim their ages to be between the ‘hotcake‘ ages of 18-23 years as they edit their photos to be as desirable as possible knowing men are visual beings moved by what they see.

Groupies; they are always place themselves strategically at events and activations that are likely to attract men with deep pockets. They present often pass of a single as single,independent, career and decent ladies though their end game is clear, to draw financial benefits,favors, goodwill and rewards from their clientele.

Smartphone sellers; this niche of commercial sex workers specialize in selling their nudes, sex videos and video calls. They have telegram channels with thousands of subscribers whom they regularly furnish with nudes, video and sex videos while those willing to incur additional costs are serviced regularly. They are paid for their services upfront thanks to various mobile money cash transfer systems.

Executive Barbershops; these establishments are frequented by wealthy men who pay 10 $ in third world countries for hair cuts which costs less than a dollar in regular barbershops. Barbers are mostly young to middle aged women who dress seductively as they lure the client for sexual healing at additional costs through head and neck massages they offer as after shave services as they rub their breasts against your head as an after shave service.

‘Restaurateurs’; this clique of commercial sex workers have mutual beneficial arrangements with luxury hotels,high end restaurants and bars owners and administrators who lease them spaces to carry out their trade in return for heavy kickbacks and commissions per client. Most city hotels are deep lying partners in this trade though they will openly deny to save face.

Predators; composed of seasoned fixers and expert blackmailers they target the high and mighty in the society married men with a reputation to guard and everything to lose with a sole aim of financial extortion.These group of flesh peddlers hangout at high end establishments frequented by prominent married men whom they seduce into having sexual relationship which they usually record for purposes of exploitation. Operating in cliques of 3-5 they live together in gated communities usually located in leafy suburbs where they use their house as recreation hangouts for their new catches. Their rooms usually have hidden cameras that record ungodly proceedings which they threaten to leak to the public through selected bloggers in their payrolls or send to either your wife or mother in law or both.



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