Nowadays it’s very difficult to differentiate between Christians and church goers, church goers seem to have taken over.

Sometime back a friend told me he had taken a sabbatical leave from Christianity since he was disappointed with Christians in general. When I inquired further why he took such a drastic measure on religion, a critical matter considering he is both Christian by birth and upbringing. His answer was straight and bold, “Have you not seen the kinds of social injustices and immorality which are being perpetuated by the so called Christians from rampant runaway corruption to open looting of public taxes.”

His sentiments made me to do a self-evaluation on Christians and church goers. Christianity has been on a steady decline recently making it difficult to differentiate between Christians and Church goers. Nowadays people go to church to show off their ill gotten wealth, fancy attires or just to meet up to remove the weekday steam a clear indication of how we are a religious not spiritual.

Patiently sitting on the “Hallelujah” bench, the front row bench in the church which is specifically designated mainly for politicians and other influential members of the society.  Patiently waiting for two or so hours of weekly Christianity to come to an end so that they can embark on their normal life unperturbed. The sermon seems to be wasting their time, constantly checking their phones for incoming texts messages from friends alerting them of a drinking spree which is already going down and they are missing.

When texts messages seem not to be coming through, switching on mobile data to check on current gossip going on in Kilimani Mums Facebook group which is the headquarters of gossip North of Limpopo and South of Sahara and those secretive member only Whatsapp and Telegram groups where ungodly matters are the major topics of discussion. All this is happening when the preacher is busy trying to win their souls for the Messiah which seems to be the least of their concerns.

Dressed in unusual long dresses, carrying all the dust along the way as opposed to the revealing type of attire they are accustomed to the whole week in an attempt to look decent in the house of the Lord. When you stumble upon them an hour after the church service you might think you have confused them for someone else. Those attires are specifically for going to church after which they are kept at the furthest corner of the wardrobe where they would be pulled out the following Sunday or another Sunday when they would feel like they have to go to church.

Struggling to fight Friday and Saturday hangovers; trying to remain awake after a two day drinking marathon. The alcohol content in their system seem to be getting the better of them as they struggle to steady their heads and keep their eyes open throughout the better part service, only to wake up when they offertory hymn is being sang a clear indication that the service is about to come to an end. Despite sleeping for the better part of the sermon, they will wake up, find their way to the pulpit and receive the Holy Communion.

Adopting a Holier than thou attitude during the service as they struggle to sing hymns which they haven’t done for a long time, even with the help of hymn books they find it difficult to catch up thus ending up escorting others as they survive amongst the congregation.

Their humility is shouting as this is the only day, sorry time when the mightiest become humble only for this to change immediately they go past the church doors, they reset to their default settings for the whole week till the next church service. Speaking in tongues seems to be the specialty when praying something that should only be done when one has been filled by the Holy Spirit.

Difficulty in opening the bible verses even with the digital revolution where smartphones come with Bibles apps which are installed during the church service only to be deleted immediately after the service to create space for more ‘useful’ mobile apps. These clique of church goers can’t comfortable open the book of Habakkuk or Haggai, they don’t know the shortest Bible verse is John 11:35 “Jesus wept” and they can’t memorize the most popular memory verse John 3:16 “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life”.

Their memorable miracle remains when Jesus changed water into wine in the wedding at Cana. When you ask them what they have learnt at the sermon immediately after the sermon you won’t be surprised when they tell you they can’t remember a clear indication that they just went to the service to make a technical appearance nothing more. If you are a Christian or you claim to be one, ask yourself has your life as a Christian moved anyone? Anyway salvation is personal why should I care anyway.




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