The rains have missed for a while now, the swamps are drying up, the well to deep for an average diver,
The land is almost giving up
The cracks are visible
No plants are growing
Temperatures too hot
But removing the clothes will add nothing much to the equation
The fraction is already improper

The owners of the trees have not shown for a while
They say work requires alot
So no one will prun
No one will groom
Trimming is limited
The owners of the tree are working to destroy their livers
And with destroyed livers
No farming will be done
Blood to the veins will not be clean

The women are crying
For brighter days they are hoping
But some are wiser now
They look for agile young men in the villages
To help them flex their muscles
Wisemen said borrowed bread taste sweet
And that stolen water quenches thirst

The old men are drinking to their sorrows
Their guns no longer cough live bullets
Their gumboots no longer save them from the muddy pool
Their sweaters are like vests in winter
Their shoes know no socks
Because like i said
The fractions are already improper

But there is a silver lining
The day of the dog is beckoning
The light at the end of the tunnel
The government is starting a crack down on the illicit
That has deprived women of the plessure they much desire
As a token of appreciation for their hardwork
The grass will sprout again
In a short time grazing will be their newly found hobby
The women will wait with their fingers crossed
They wait again to fullfill God’s commandment
Go multiply and fill the earth


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