Everybody loves a good, well-structured humor and he just had the exemplary prowess of perfectly carving his words into jokes and exchanging them with episodes of rich laughter. I have always loved his amusing character right from my salad days up until now, sincerely, he remains my numero uno on matters humor, his lead as a rib cracker and  jaw breaker is rather undefeated. He was the kind of person that could save one from a sheer embarrassing situation by infiltrating an amusing act right in the middle of an enormous faux pas. Wow! I just used three different tongues in one paragraph that makes me feel like my multilingual skills are not awful after all, ha-ha.

He was not only a man of good humor, my dad (May God rest his soul) was an amazing person when it came to special occasions. He made us all have the feeling of living with Santa for three Christmas days since that was an act he perfectly embraced to brighten up the mood during Christmas. I will miss the good tidings he brought us every night of this special day, the memories of them is what I will live by each and every Christmas season. The duties of a parent are vital for the well-being of their children. This is one thing my dad naturally mastered and so he made sure he was always present to offer us the special tidings. Even though he had duties to attend to on this day, he always created a valid chance for his family. Last Christmas he taught us,I remember the things he did and said:

The Funny Pantomimes
It is obvious now that he was a perfect comedian and his humor was a rewarding source of inspiration. You normally do not come across career dads who stay up all through the night of the 24th, clad in Santa’s costume and playing a toy guitar, singing merrily to the wonderful tunes of Christmas while expressing out their joyful appreciation amidst a family circle, or do you? Well, that was him, a cheerful lover of Christmas and a composer of hearty pantomimes. He told us wonderful stories through the pantomimes and we loved the cheer. A dull Christmas was unheard of, I cannot even seem to think that there are Christians who still do not believe in the delights of Christmas and the joyful bursts of cheer this special day carries with it. I guess I am lucky to have had a father that showed and proved it to me that Christmas is a wonderful time like no other.

The Jesse Tree
Ho ho ho, once again it is another Christmas season and another tree has to be felled for a good course and another planted for the upcoming season. I had always overlooked the true nature of the Christmas tree until Nice Pap’ opened my eyes to the realities,the true meaning of the tree. He is the one that weaned me off my ignorance and fed me with the information of the special tree of Jesse, which I assume all of us refer to as the Christmas tree. The Jesse tree is used as a kind of Advent Calendar, telling us the Bible stories from creation until Christmas time. Maybe you would like to refer to the Bible in the book of Isaiah 11:1-4 to help with more knowledge of the tree. The 25 days of Advent are symbolized on the tree with pictures representing the Bible stories right from the time of creation to the time when Christ was born. Nice Pap’ taught us the true meaning of Christmas and Christmas symbols,from him I gained knowledge of the special traditions practiced during this day.

Stature and Wisdom
Sometimes it becomes an urgent necessity for us to avidly seek the courage to defy our fate relentlessly if what is in store is a lifetime full of melancholy and mundane realities. This is one very strong set of words my father told to us last Christmas. I choose to refer to them as wise words for they have taken me through a mileage of adventure with good experiences. The Christmas knowledge does not stop at the birth of Christ but extends right to the period of His growth, “And Jesus increased in wisdom and in stature and in favor with God and man, says the book of Luke. I love the beauty of the stories of Christ Jesus, the blessings that come with them. The festivities coupled with the cheers making it more exciting. My Christmas days are always my uplifting days, I cherish them all, thanks Pap’ for always being there with us all our Christmas seasons. You were super awesome ,being a daddy was your strong field. May this Christmas season bring with it the joys and special tidings similar to the ones you brought us.




Annie Odeka
The beauty of my youth is what drives my desire to grow older because I'm always convinced that when it fades, there will be a whole new chapter of beauty waiting; the beauty of old age. Sounds ironical, right? But that's what I'm made of. I'm a puzzle that's difficult to solve. The out-going introvert and the fire that cannot be quenched with water. It's hard to be me at times but my enthusiasm for life always keeps me tracking and reminding me that I gotta be just me and nobody else. That's the reason why I like to show to the world what I'm made of and the adventures this world has taken me through.


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