Toyota Land Cruiser V8 2016 photo courtesy The Art-East

BottomlineThey will eat your pizza, drink your Famous Grouse, use the rent money you sent to take their girls out of town, visit Chaka Ranch for camping experience, road trip with a hired car down in Amboseli before moving on swiftly to the next man who can sustain her lifestyle the moment your well runs dry.

“Look at your age mates” this statement is responsible for all the social ills that haunt us today. Pushing many into unhealthy relationships (marriage) which often end up in lengthy divorce cases ,prisons,early graves and hospitals.Don’t allow it to get into your head,be careful, be very careful.

Society will always come up with a way of comparing your success vide peers based on your financial mobility. Money determines the level of respect you will be accorded in any social gathering be it at your local church or the village baraza.

The depth of your pockets can propel the Njuri Ncheke  to install you as a village elder when you are just 20 as you opinion on critical societal matters including where the community borehole should be dug, who will be in charge of the economic stimulus project; poultry project that will form the backbone of the village economy. Your bank statement will determine how many times your pastor will use you as an example, what seat will be reserved for you in church and which committee you will steer. It has reached a point even the devil with a briefcase of cash will be the guest of honor in church fundraisers. Its that serious…..

Unless you come from a privileged background, your twenties and early thirties are the years one is meant to lay a foundation for the future. Acquire some few furniture here and there, buy household electronics, try affording three meals in a day, engage in hide and seek with the landlord, further your education though academic qualifications with no proper connection will remain a personal decoration, move from a single room in Githurai to a bedsitter somewhere along Jogoo Road, clear you HELB loan, support your parents and siblings financially when necessary, do any job that can pay your bills and work anywhere within or outside the borders of the republic as long as it pays your bills even if it is in Northern Kenya where terrorists,smugglers and rogues security officers want you dead.

This is not the time to prove to women in your inbox offline or online your financial net-worthiness by succumbing to their ‘If you love me then……. pizza treats,coffee dates, out of town weekend gateways, pay my rent, buy me a car, drinks all weekend’ nonsense.

The moment you put up with these nonsense of pleasing women who premise your worth on what you have to offer financially, the devil will not allow you to experience any upward financial mobility. They will eat your pizza, drink your Famous Grouse, use the rent money you sent to take their girls out of town, visit Chaka Ranch for camping experience, road trip in a hired car down in Amboseli before moving on swiftly to the next man who can sustain her lifestyle the moment your well runs dry.

No woman should hold you hostage in your 20’s just because you can’t sustain her lifestyle unless they want you to mastermind a ‘La Casa de Papel’ that may end up with you six feet under. Tell them to feel free to date and marry the established men they interact with on a daily basis without any apology.

You will be depressed after being used,misused and abused with suicidal tendencies creeping in with multiple revenge ideas crowding your mind as you think about the next course of action. I know of friends living in debt yet they are paying rent and bankrolling rendezvous for women in this town yet they are always hiding from their landlords, auctioneers and friends who they owe money just to please a ‘skirt’.

At 25 you will have a combination of high blood pressure, heart attack and ulcers as you trying to live a Ksh 100,000 life on a Ksh 30,000 take home salary. Ksh 30,000 take home  is for those of us who will be lucky to land ‘plum’ jobs in government parastatals and non governmental organizations that at least prioritize on employee welfare. As for those who will land somewhere in the private sector where profit is key, taking home Ksh 20,000 salary is a near miracle more so if you work for an Indian in industrial area.

You will end up becoming a serial Sportpesa-Betin-Betika- Shabiki jackpot gambler as you try to find an answer to your financial woes ending up with more debts coupled with double depression after losing back to back bets as the gambling industry thrives on your desperation to break even.

That 30K a month is only enough for transport, the landlord who isn’t to be paid the whole amount in time, your mother who calls immediately your salary checks in and your entitled college going sibling who believes you earn too much that you will be able to afford a private jet in a year thanks to the back to back suits you wear daily to work by sending Ksh 2,000 after sacrificing ‘drinks na mayengs’ for a whole month is demeaning.

If you cannot afford movie nights at Imax walk in the neighborhood purchase soft copies of all your favorite series and movies from the movie guy in your hood then watch from your laptop at the comfort of your bed, if you cannot afford the Ksh 300 lunch in town take the left over ugali as heavy breakfast,if you cannot afford pizza buy bread and make sandwich (bread is bread whether pizza or sandwich), if you cannot afford alcohol on Fridays just drink a lot of water its good for your health as it will detoxify your kidneys thus keeping you from possible kidney failure plus you will avoid liver cirrhosis, if you cannot afford Uber or Taxify to parties or events use public transport. There is no harm in fitting in when you can stand out

Avoid people who think you have a lot of money just because you work for a big name organization, wear suits to work, post flawless picture of events on gram and live a seemingly comfortable life yet deep within you can barely live comfortably from day 1-30 in a month. You are broke on pay day as bills and debts are serviced with the upkeep you receive from your employer. Don’t sink into depression because you are trying to please others, you will die young yet the people you are trying to please will move on with their lives after typing RIP on your social media handles.

Those fancied Toyota V8 you see people cruising in around town , you will also drive them. Those houses you see being advertised for sale, you will also buy them. Its just a matter of time.  In life don’t be in a hurry; your life, your race, your pace.



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