Have you ever wondered why everyone seems to be successful in social media; everyone has university/college education,physically attractive,living a happy life, stable employment, lives in a city and outstanding photos exhibiting their ‘good life’.

Social media platforms were formed to improve human relations,however, it seems to have outlived its usefulness as it brings more harm than good to its users. Nevertherless, the issue of faking one’s life on social media platforms has become a major point at issue. As a result, most social media aficionados’ lifestyle seem to differ from their actual lives thanks to Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook platform amongst other social media platforms.  They say “fake it until you make it” but have you ever wondered what else do “they say”?

Have you ever wondered why everyone seems to be successful in social media; everyone has university/college education, stable employment,outstanding personality, lives in a city and outstanding photos exhibiting their ‘good life’.

Social media has turned out to be a platform full of deception
Social media has turned out to be a platform full of deception

Let’s first of all talk about faking physical appearance and plastic bodies on the social media. Famous and controversial Tanzanian Hip-hop singer Ney Wa Mitego once sang in one of his diss tracks that “there are no ugly girls on Instagram, but meet them face to face you will run away like a frog.” His allusion on faking physical appearance by most girls on social media was affirmed by one Willy who was in hot pursuit of a girl he had meet on Facebook only to end up disappointed after realizing that the girl he was into turned out to be the complete opposite of his imaginations as far as everything beauty is concerned.

Ladies are aware of the 11th commandment ‘Men are moved by what they see’ this has made them to be best friends with multiple photo editing applications available on Google play. Aided by these applications that are able to turn an average looking lady into Beyonce forcing men to send friend request in wholesale as they snake into their inboxes asking for phone numbers to further personalize communication.

“I looked at her Facebook profile picture alongside series of uploaded pictures, based on her looks I made up my mind to go after her. After some time of cheat-love-chat we agreed to meet. When the d day reached, I was shocked beyond dismay. Her face was the same but with different color. Her cleavage was not as wide as I was made to believe by the photos. She was the one but at the same time she was not the one. I felt cheated and excused myself. I deleted her number and blocked her everywhere” narrates Willy.

According to Willy’s testimony, most social media users especially  ladies fake their physical appearance with the help of filters from different beautifying applications literally changes ones complexion turning a dark skinned girl look to the highly demanded light skins with smooth flawless skin. Whoever said the camera never lies has never seen what those mobile photo editing applications on Google store can do.

Photo courtesy of Naija.com
Bending of legs to magnify hindquarters is the favorite pose

That’s not all, how they pose for the photos opens another pandora’s . They can’t do it straight but protrude their hindquarters and bow their legs as they would be suffering from measles.  Our effort of finding out what motivates them into doing this were futile as most of their reasons seemed vague and some were adamant their choices of fake appearance should be respected.

“People want to be validated and filters makes them good. It’s all about perception, making yourself as close to the image built up in our mind of how we should look. Human are fickle creatures, we want acknowledgement even when we insist that we don’t need it,” said Hibaq, “no matter the route you take it is faking, but whats’s real in this world anyway?” the big question is why people need validation to what they are not? Mercy Ochieng’ too agree that is faking but cites impressing people in social media platforms as the reason behind the faking.

“Beauty, everybody wants to capture attention and get several likes and if possible a partner. They want to leave viewers craving for more followers. However, it is natural for humans to want to look attractive of which filters do better,” says Mercy.

Photo editing apps a girls best friend
Photo editing apps a girls best friend

There are those who defended the use of filters. As much as she agrees it is faking, one Mealii Swazuri jokingly noted that, “there is no way I can be ugly in real life and on social media. I choose my struggle.” On the other hand Dian Koremo disagrees that using filters is not faking but making the photo brighter.

Some charlatans take it to a notch higher to fake their lifestyles. Judging them by their social media posts; flaunting cars, moneys electrical gadgets, et al will leave you thinking they are rich but in fact they are actually dreaming to be rich. According to our research, 70% of those flaunting properties on social media don’t own them but anticipate to have that kind of life.

No one is interested to know what you are eating unless it is a genuine invitation for them to join you at the ice cream parlor, snack bar, sandwich shop, Pizza Inn, KFC or any other fast-food outlet. Posting a photo of Chips-Chicken or Pizza (probably to act like they have ‘made money’ for treating themselves) is not only irritating but also shows that they afford sumptuous eats once in a blue moon. Interestingly, you will be surprised to find out the pictures taken in such events are kept to be used in later days not for throwback purposes but pretending to be attending another luncheon.

It does not cost a thing to be yourself. All that is needed is for one to eat humble pie and accept who he/she is without seeking validation to conform.


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