OCS Samuel Ragira; Photo Courtesy of Facebook

Bottomline: Just like that a mother buried a child, a woman was widowed and a young child was orphaned with an uncertain future ahead

It all started as a rumor, the OCS (Ragira) as he was popularly known in all circles is dead. Just like that a mother buried a child, a woman was widowed and a young child was orphaned with an uncertain future ahead. A community lost one of it brightest political prospect. As usual the ‘no stone will be left unturned’ statement from the investigative authorities came in handy with reactionary knee-jerk responses coupled with ‘arrests’ and recording of statements from ‘key’ suspects.

The OCS had been a man under siege in his last days on earth en-route to the next world as seen from the information he shared on his Facebook account detailing how he tried getting the requisite help from the authorities to know avail, he knew his killers but no action was taken till he left to be with the lord. Few demonstrations here and there with political statements coupled by empty reassurances that justice will be served to those responsible then boom; everything goes dark nothing has been heard off to date with the OCS dead and buried only his family and close friends miss his presence everyone else has moved on with their lives.

His death case file will accumulate dust for the next decade providing rats with the necessary nutrients as an unresolved murder that will be remembered when another son of the soil raises his voice against the forces of impunity before being silenced forever in a similar fashion. The script will be the same; few demonstrations here and there which will be quashed by teargas, assurances from investigative agencies then burial of the body with ‘no stone will be left unturned’. Is this country really worth fighting for? or should we keep quite as cowards who live longer on their knees than thanks to forces of impunity?

There has always been the question of whether campus politics differs much from the national politics. To what extent can student leaders challenge societal predicaments and status quo, develop an apparatus for solving them whilst staying coy on the possibility of political phrases hard hitting on influential, powerful Kenyans?

Samuel Ragira was a courageous young man who chose to die on his feet rather than forever suffer on his knees, a decision most of us aren’t willing to make considering the discrepancies between the lifestyles of descendants of homeguards and freedom fighters. Highly rated by his peers and the media industry locally and internationally. His pursuers saw a niche.

They saw the possibility of Klub 36’s externalities being exposed out to the audience’s access.He had been a constant thorn and a symbol of sustained rebellion against exploitation. A factor that troubled them leaving them with no option than to remove him from the picture, thus they removed him using fellow youths who did the dirty work.

Among his Facebook uploads is a screenshot conversation between him and a Zimbabwean  journalist. In another upload he was on JKL (Jeff Koinange Live) – a popular Kenyan T.V talk show on Citizen T.V.

Klub 36 – An area that much resembles stage in Moi university; to those who have been there, but which is slightly developed having dozens of stalls. Most of the hustling public profiteer from the existence of the institution of higher learning at the heart of Nairobi, which is closer to them, whereas other persons saw the opportunity to perpetrate crime, instill fear amongst students exploiting fellow Kenyans on grounds of superiority or rather “big fish” complex. .

The notion of other societal human entities befitting themselves powerful than the rest of mankind or when compared to other individuals. Goons with political backup had placed a Ksh 10,000 order from each stall owner most of whom were small scale traders trying to eke a living in the city from vegetable vendors mama mbogas, second hand cloth ‘mitumba’  sellers  and retailers as ‘monthly protection’ fees burdening the already overtaxed Kenyans.

According to OCS Ragira, the guys weren’t police officers. They sweep through Klub 36 occasionally and would go to the extent of threatening the innocent businesspersons with machetes should they fail to comply with their rules or rather refuse to remit the monies.

The brave former student leader took initiative to launch a complaint with the relevant authorities only for the police to patrol the area leaving without taking any further action to change and better the situation. This to Samuel Ragira came as insult to the ear, something that prompted the young father to pour down his frustrations through a Facebook post on Wednesday, March 13, 2019. Little did he know it was only a matter of hours between this pertinent, publicly shared post and his untimely demise.

Quote- unquote, “It is unfortunate that Mungiki (outlawed group of Militia) are terrorizing Club 36 traders with machetes and guns taking advantage of the situation. They are demanding Ksh 10,000 from every trader to build a kibanda (stall). This issue is disturbing as police are watching it happen. Students are being harassed and others losing their phones. We want to know why the police can side with people terrorizing innocent Kenyans.

Why should a mama mboga pay 10K to unknown people to do business? Are we managed by terrorists in the name of police? I reported this matter to Jogoo house control room and police were sent. But they instead resorted to ignore the situation. We now appeal to the county government and national government to tell us. I was personally threatened by a panga,. So where are we heading to as a nation” read OCS Facebook post.
A number of colleagues with a good understanding of facts revolving around Klub 36’s land debacle did second their leader by commenting on the aforementioned post.

“Boiz, police ni pesa Kenya. When I said maboiz were taking things too fast and naively, nikaambiwa mimi ni Mugo. Hehehe, they exposed vulnerability of kiwanja ya clabu to grabbing, now it has attracted unscrupulous people in Kenyan systems” read one among the many comments. This particular one being posted by IFrank Samora on the same Wednesday at 1725 hours. The post had attracted a total of 7 likes by Thursday afternoon, the following day.

The following day, 14/03/2019, Thursday; the U.O.N family rose to news of Samuel Ragiri’s death. The OCS had his own stall around the Klub 36 trading area and was murdered in cold blood by goons who used guns. The proximity of events that lead to his murder lead police to almost linking his murder to the land debacle surrounding the area located close to the University of Nairobi, Chiromo campus.

MP Babu Owino was among the very first to issue their condolences to Ragira’s family via a twitter post that read:

” I strongly condemn the killing of one comrade OCS Ragira Samuel who has left behind a young family. May his soul rest in everlasting peace. Rest in peace commander!”

Ragira, with 4,988 Facebook friends left behind a wife and a young daughter who had just started kindergarten and whose father was always proud of from the regular uploads and messaging. Just like that Samuel Ragira was silenced forever, nobody is following of what transpired prior to his death Klub 36 traders were intimidated by his death thus they aren’t willing to go against the outlaws.

If they Killed the OCS, who can raise his voice. They have all coiled back in their holes suffering in silence as the outlaws pass regularly to collect their dues. Some are bound to die young, by dying young a person stays young in people’s memory. If he burns brightly before he dies, his brightness shines for all time rest with angels OCS Samuel Ragira one day your killers will also die and justice will be served in the next life.


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