She is a woman that was loved by the cupid ruins in my heart
She who effortlessly looks amazing
She who expects me to get what she says via status update
She who forgets that she is my main status update

I love her
Not only because she is fly
But because with her we can fly to heights not designated
With her watch on her wrist only time will tell when the lights grow darker

Her I love not only for her American height but how she makes her thoughts known
With more to talk about
Just cant wait for when the time is right
Though she feels distant
She assures me all is right

For a minute I will try to believe
For what is love without trust
For a minute I will hope all is okay
For every time na hope ako salama
For a minute i will remind her that the road is smooth:no rough rider
For a minute I will keep it 100
For she is my Kiss

For a minute, i will stop and think of how much more should i do to prove that she is the one
The one and only
For a minute i will remind her that minus her I’m lonely
Not because I don’t have friends
But because she occupies my heart wholly

For a minute i will remind her that i may not not be with her for the next 59 minutes
But when she needs me i will always be on time
Not only because her figurative body resembles the hour glass but because to me she is my glass

A woman who all I want is to know her true colours
Isn’t that what that makes rainbows spectacular
A woman who won’t mind showing her curves,
For that is the only way we deem the horizon
One with no make up
Her beauty is always on

And that woman
Only time will tell



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