Bottomline: Being crowned Mr Albinism Kenya is one of my best achievements, I felt like the doors of heaven had opened for me.

At only age 21 ,he owns the title; Mr Albinism Kenya, besides being the newly elected delegate 003 special needs and social affairs docket in the school of Education and Business, Moi university. Like something inside him is shifting and a new creed taking hold, famous Oreen Wakhulunya , also an upcoming musician gives an insight to his incredible achievements owing to being a person with albinism. Just at a glance, one seizes not to give him appraisals. Moreover, the bright rays of the sun are only seen through a clear cast.

Do you mind telling me about yourself?

No, I go by the name Oreen Wakhulunya from Bungoma county Tongaren constituency. I am 21 years pursuing a Degree course in special needs education Moi University main campus, also an upcoming musician and politician. My family consist of my dad and mum, both non albinistic, five boys and six girls. Of the eleven kids, four are albinistic, I included. I am the sixth born and the most outgoing . It’s a happy family, and at all odds I’d die for my family.

Was your course a calling?

It wasn’t , I was “given” the course like all other students say. Sincerely my aspiration was to pursue a course in music .However, in second year, I got to have a passion for the course. I see it as a gate way to associating with other people who have special needs like I do.

Tell us about your title; Mr Albinism.

Being crowned Mr Albinism Kenya is one of my best achievements, I felt like the doors of heaven had opened for me. The pageant was carried out last year, we had an East African competition where several events besides appointing of Mr and Mrs Albinism took place, and it is at Kenya International Convention Centre (KICC), where I was crowned Mr Albinism Kenya. It was an inspiration as I got to eat from the same table with great people like Isaac Mwaura, the national coordinator.

What contributed to your win as Mr Albinism?

I give credit to my talent in music. I remember coming up with a song, something unique just to impress the judges and the congregation. The crowd went wild with cheers and I felt honoured. Up to date I believe nothing else but that short chorus earned me the position.

How far have you gone in the music industry?

I have composed very many songs and have plans of producing one in the course of the year. I am also expecting a certain promotion from the Albinism Society of Kenya that will aid in its marketing.

(He then sings a short chorus that wows me)

What led you to politics, specifically Moi university student’s Organization, (MUSO)?

Fact is, in Moi University, the rights and privileges of people with special needs have been neglected for a while, nothing gets into my nerves like watching a fellow suffer, so I saw it necessary to use this opportunity inspired by my title. Mr Albinism to fight for our rights and ensure all are respected and treated equally. Its also my debut to the political field.

Did you face any challenges?

A number, first, before the elections, my nomination papers were stolen by people I hardly knew. Rumours of me wanting sympathy votes and only a title spread allover. The art of public speaking to seek votes wasn’t also a walk in the park. Despite all, my go get and tough eye nature saw me through. I am different in my own way, a man of the people here to serve, preserve, and protect the rights of comrades.

How did you feel when you won?

I felt a strong sense of déjà vu, the victory conjures memories of me being crowned Mr Albinism Kenya. I felt so honoured and humbled. I appreciate the position and am sincerely proud.

Has your position changed you in any way?

I am and will still remain the same Oreen, pride won’t rule over me.

What’s your message to comrades as delegate 003?

I truly promise from the depth of my heart that I will tirelessly serve comrades equally despite the differences we had during the campaign and election period.

Would you opt to pursue politics or music in future?

If I were to choose I’d go for music because it’s a talent. I started way when I was still young, it’s a passion and part and parcel of my life. I owe to the saying “ keep yourself simple but not cheap”

What about your love life?

Mmmh, I don’t like making it public but currently am engaged.

What’s your worst experience so far?

Being looked down upon because of being a person with albinism, it makes me shed tears. I can’t forget childhood experiences like fighting in school and getting caned. I just couldn’t stand someone referring to me as “albino”.

What’s your message to people with albinism and the youth at large?

Disability is not inability, I urge all people with special needs to accept themselves for God has good plans to all humans. The future is pregnant. To the youths YOLO, you only live once, so give the best you can.

Your daily mantra?
I am not fake!