Bottomline: Religion is the most divisive topic in the world, more divisive than politics and football combined.

Religion! Religion! Religion!, a word we know having mastered it’s lyrics. Everyone has got one, but does it have something to do with our reality? Like our religion defines every aspect of our lives that a glimpse of your belief would actually say who you are. A writer once said ”you and I are a group of people asking questions, living life to its fullest, seeking God and having fun.” One would agree, another would disagree, but fact is God is one. Ever considered this: you were born,found your parents are pagans and here you are a pagan owing no one an explanation.Religion is the most divisive topic in the world, more divisive than politics and football combined. Same to saying religion Offers a platform for explanation;

Is it the outfit?

Fascinating how people relate dressing to religion. That to many a long outfit means being heavenly and a casual outfit is treated devilish. Guarding modesty when one doesn’t display beauty and ornaments can render one holy. Figure out a lady in a white headscarf, long dress that would make one wonder what lies beneath, she is all angelic thus smelling heavenly. Do we presume her holy? Definitely no, ironically the indecent fellow can comfortably preach and sing you the holy book at your request. Most would argue that it’s the heart that matters not dress code. But who knows? Religion has an explanation.

Is it the interest? 

The music industry is undergoing transformation of late, most artists are shifting to religious songs reason being they want to leave a holy life.The effect is felt by their fans who would do anything to keep up with such a celebrity, even if it means religious transformation so be it. The problem always comes when the genre of music we like isn’t religious, Bongo music, dance hall, reggae name them the list is endless. The society will perceive you according to your likes or dislikes.Think of a life where it’s religious songs from dawn to dusk, only then do you have a ticket to heaven.There is a certain unknown parameter that measures religiosity levels in an individual that each religion has. A person once said you cannot judge a book by its cover.The holier one could be the most evil one.But still religion offers us an explanation.

Is it prayers and fasting?

Listen to a thirty minute argument between a Christian and a Muslim you will be left wondering what fasting really is.Jesus went for forty days and nights without food, you’ll agree that if humans gave that a trial they would be reduced to skeletons .Occasionally you go to church to pray hard with tears on your face yet at the back of your mind a revenge mission is cooking. Fasting is a spiritual focus moment involving abstinence from food is one way of doing it.However the big question remains, is it prayers and fasting that render me religious?

Is it the people we relate with?

A social life is good for the soul, having friends and people to lean on comes in handy, Interaction when we share thoughts or problems with different people. Religion has unanswered questions for us,should you only relate with born again people to fall in the religious category? Is it your party people who merry all day breaking wind and burning weed? If you occasionally talk to the pastor they would say you are too holy yet if you concentrate with ‘celebrities’ one would whisper ”the devil has finally caught up with her.”

Therefore does religion offer a platform for explanation??



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