I go by the name Denis ,however, my peers call me Lamar. A nickname I acquired due to my ability to sing all  or nearly all off Kendrick Lamar’s songs during my high school hey days. My actual stage name is D IV, D stands for my official name Dennis and also honors my elder brother whose sun set before the sun could rise on me, IV stands for where I come from, the code to my hood is 4W.

I started my music journey back in 2016 where I only began by writing but didn’t totally give it a try by recording . For now, I would say I have done over forty songs and all recorded using my phone. This year has been a great one for me since I have recorded two of my jams in the studio marking my debut in the showbiz . This has made me receive recognition from people i haven’t interacted with before.a

I actually built a fan base before i got to the actual studio, with my freestyle videos and ciphers which I upload on my Instagram handle and Facebook fan page where I could get a century views and for a young artist that’s not a mean fete.

Currently am not schooling, not because I couldn’t attain the varsity cut off points, but because of challenges that a good number face. This has made me to put on hold my education, however, one day for sure I will still have to go back to class and study something related with my music.

I have had some memorable moments, one being called for a feature by a “Bar 4 Bar” contender who actually made it to the top ten and will be participating on the finals come next month

Being told that my sound was unique by everyone who has had a chance to listen to my music.Going to the studio and dropping lines without having to mumble on words or bite my tongue was a real taste of perfection which was accorded a standing ovation by everyone in the studio.

I wouldn’t literally say that i come from a musical background but actually have grown up in a family that appreciates art. Recently a close relative flew to Australia to pursue music. I also have a cousin who does spoken word poetry as for me I have been a sucker for music since my primary days, dropped it for a while in high school but came back again since everyone around me at the time was a music lover.

I get my inspiration from Kenyan artists like Juliani, Nyashinski, Abbas and Octopizzo who has evidently broken into the international scene, just like him I am praying that one day I’ll get my music streamed and purchased on iTunes, Spottily and international music streaming sites. Internationally, I am inspired by Kendrick, Nasty C, A-reece, J Cole, and Nas because I am more majored on the lyricism since anybody can rhyme.

For now, I’m not signed with any record label, furthermore am in no hurry since I’m studying the Music Industry. I don’t want to mess around and get used as other young artist who have cried foul as their songs and ideas are ‘stolen’ by big names.

Breaking into the Kenyan scene is a herculean task, you have to work smart,exhibit discipline,patience and consistence. Getting old won’t scare me since J Cole is 33 and still commands the industry but seating at the big table at a young age like the likes of Tunji and Nasty C will be a greater achievement.What I would tell other young acts, is that everything happens for a reason, for you to use a ladder, there must be a wall

My fans can reach me through social media networksIG :@254.d4
Facebook :Denno Lamar Iv

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcGDygeeLVaWKvw5tHkOQuA-My YouTube channel