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Bottomline: the rich and poor are now equal in stress levels with the rich thinking about their losses the poor are perturbed on where the next meal will come from.

When the sun is too bright for our eyes, we dart our eyes, seek solace from our spectacles or form an arm barricade, albeit, the dawn must always go back to the day and day to the night. Apparently, there is no time to chastise one another, the pandemic , COVID 19,  has changed everything and nothing.

Everything; President has finally decided to be President employing more health workers and the tax reliefs across all sectors in a bid to cushion the already tattered economy. Humanity has been brought back, politicians now think about their voters or is it votes, people have realized God grace is sufficient. Staying at home living simplified lives, the rich and poor are now equal in stress levels with the rich thinking about their losses the poor are perturbed on where the next meal will come from.

Nothing; Like a messy room with no lights so everyone notices the darkness immediately. If you dare turn on the lights back, you see the dust vulnerable room, the  outrageous lives of street children, employees who have since lost their jobs, a fear stricken nation whose citizens are at a tipping point not forgetting the flustered students. We are still breeding inhumane landlords who would rather remove a roof over your head than waiver rent. Citizens break laws like never before from the fake mourners en-route to Homabay from Nairobi to the spoilt teenagers whose parents used an ambulance as uber during curfew hours to evacuate them from parte after parte, sic covidiots indeed . It’s like Kenya is battling with itself.

Ultimately , taking the necessary precautions plus prayers is all we got . It narrows down to Sanitize- Stay At Home-Observe Social Distance

Tricks of love; Woe to parents with skeptic kids who  can’t help but question why there is a sudden family reunion.“ kwani dad sikuhizi hukaa na mum?”. Another one called his dad “babe” maybe because their home is of jokes and kisses contrary to another home where gun fires and stampedes are the order of the day thus domestic violence.

Quarantine Chronicles have brought with it betrayals in the heart of a big war. Saddening how In Homabay county a man chopped his wife’s head using a panga for reasons still under investigation. I hear even men suffer in the hands of their spouses. Presumably our generation of parents see no fault in raising kids who would later suffer childhood traumas. Now to you who is a victim, there are always  better ways of solving conflicts like mediation that turns out just perfect .

Memories of the first. The first time you set your eyes on your special someone, perfectly made, no fault apart from the fact that you’re in love, the kind of love hard to look in the eyes because love is in the air. The beautiful couple is beautiful a wedding follows.

For starters, couples have a reflective manner of experiencing a lovable beginning, the countless vacations, breakfast in bed, singing each other songs , status updates on WhatsApp with love caption ( you’re the sun in my sky)  to the names they crown each other when each tries not to unnerve the other. This multibillionaire love is practically set before hell breaks loose .

Subsequently, the love conspiracy gets leaked or say the devil comes in throwing tantrums during this period the man sees all the flaws in his wife and vice versa.

“ I don’t like how you snore, you look like a granny in those big shirts, can’t you eat and gain some flesh?”


“ I just lost interest in you, I hate you because I don’t want you”

People have varying myths to explain the love triangle, Jesse Mwangi presents a weigh love barometer below:

To stretch credulity, relationships either casual, intimate or family shouldn’t be of gratuitous violence but a way of building strong bonds. The threshold of love is a crucial point that should help in raising affable creatures not merely a trick to the eyes. It’s all about being true to self and to others.