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Bottomline: holding the ridiculous belief that taking a cold bath immediately after having sex with a HIV/AIDS positive woman protects one from contracting the incurable global pandemic.

We have been made to elucidate that ailments, diseases and infections are a form of punishment from God aimed at squaring differences between Him and man. To this end, man will associate health conditions with the most mundanely simplest kind of diagnosis that a medical student let alone a qualified health practitioner wouldn’t concur with.

This blatant intrusion of crazy ideological, mystical and unfounded stories that should be rubbished as simple myths, into our lives is one that comes with Africans alluding to all sorts of lay explanations for health situations that bombard the planet, ranging from common traditional methodology for curing malaria, an explanation that covering wounded parts of the body (including bruises) with tea leaves shall help clot the area more promptly.

These, among other tantrum tales we shall come to interact with in course of our exposure; which aims at improving the health sector, sophisticating Africa’s public health education,charting a way forward with society rehabilitation programmes amid other beneficial campaigns for upward societal trajectory on matters healthcare within the continent’s borders.

It is common to have your close friend or better still relative support you during your pregnancy period, it ain’t surprising that some will try by all means to have you protected from any ounce of harm to the final millimeter.

Often, Africans consider eggs as a harmful diet to expectant mothers. As a matter of fact, some communities will go ahead to inference such don’ts when it comes to egg consumption during pregnancy to a number of conclusions…Firstly, that eggs could deform the baby when an expectant lady consumes them during foetal developmental stages.

Other communities say that your baby shall be born dumb should you choose to take eggs during the 9 month long nervy wait. As a matter of fact (science)  with all its might, eggs are healthy for your developing baby. As long as they are well boiled, fried or cooked alongside other recipes of your choice with special regards to your gynecologist’s advice.

Privy, some communities within Africa also hold the ridiculous belief that taking a cold bath immediately after having sex with a HIV/AIDS positive woman protects one from contracting the incurable global pandemic. Former South Africa president Jacob Zuma supported this analogy when he was in a similar situation thus he wasn’t infected.

Some will associate leaves of pawpaw concoctioned alongside other herbs with voodoo that might potentially work magic making you smile down your descending ladder to recovery. Well, to be honest with you, even a town teenager with a beer budget and a champagne taste will bluntly tell you that this is hearsay. HIV/AIDS has no cure, not even the Gammora drug is proven to ward off the malady. Not as at now yet.

Erroneously, another myth revolves in and around a fatty diet. Many communities within the continent presume fat to be healthy. This is in fact dangerous since a number of modern day diseases including hypertension, diabetes mellitus, cardiovascular diseases and kidney ailments do not rhyme well with a fatty menu.

One should desist from consumption of animal fats and oils which promptly solidify under low temperatures. Vegetable oil are preferred. Such will include Elianto in the Kenyan food market. Typically natural cooking oils encircling aloe vera oil, simsim oil, sunflower oil are also advised albeit coming with a bigger cost altogether.

With proper diet observance, ladies will have easy moments cutting off weight and maintaining a flat tummy while making their bodies less susceptible to food – related illnesses the likes of Marasmus, starvation and Kwashiorkor.

Groundnuts and potency in men is an issue that will always take to controversy like fish to water. Since time immemorial, African communities have perceived groundnuts to help tackle issues revolving around male potency. While science proves the nuts have got some nutrients that aid in the sperm production process, not in any way do they connect to potency nor impotency. Issues along these circles are largely influenced by genetics and inheritance.

All men love some quiet, two persons time, with a little semi – explicit all real entertainment from a fun sized girl. While sexuality is a less talked about issue back in Africa, a myth that hypothesizes sex to increasing a woman’s chest size largely runs across some states around central Africa, Western and the East African part of the Mandela inspired, 54 state continent. Some societies will associate bigger behind in women to receiving frequent dosage of sex “lungula” or is it the popular “mjulubeng”?

It is worth noting that semen contains proteins that might be the foundation of this argument, alarm and concern, however, it does not in any way contribute to bigger busts, hips nor “rearguard.” This is to say that the deduction that implies frequent sex should give you a more curvaceous look is all but mystical and erroneously misleading. To the ladies; consider increasing your intake of starch whilst reducing your proteins consumption with surety, you shall begin fancying a bubbly, thick and chubby appearance under that expensive, thigh revealing, black, laced dress.

Have you ever come across individuals with a rather rancid redolence? Most of us, especially Kenyans would smear all sorts of wee explanations for that pungent mouth odour or that pungent pheromone oozing confidently from under your armpits? Worry not, for Africans might unleash all sorts of whiffy conclusions for such health conditions which only simulate normalcy. Whereas it is common that ignorant humans should scare you with possibility of having contracted a terminal disease, one much more like cancer, body scents and odour are largely influenced by genetics. Some fellows’ sweat might be chocking while other sportsmen play for hours and hours and their sweat duffers not much from that exhibited in roses and orchids.

Garlic cures stomach related issues? I would like to answer these very sensitively. Incorrigibly, some of our communities have successfully managed to offer herbal medicines that cure or otherwise suppress common infections – more so the less chronic ones.

However, it should be known that those using crushed portions of garlic mixed with sugar and squeezed lemon juice might just be a first aid to your bloated tummy. Your belly could be harboring microbioids and other parasites which imbibe your intestinal matrix via food and water we consume daily. Stomach discomfort isn’t an issue to shrug off your mind, I would advise that you seek help from your most trusted physician; moreover, stomach scans sometimes wouldn’t reveal much; therefore have your stool sample critically examined for bacteria by a qualified lab technician before settling to any medication of your choice and affordability.

Lemons and vulva tightening. This one much takes to controversy. African communities within Kenya set up have at long last found remedy for loose “nunu.” Among the Digo, rubbing your vagina with a lemon-juice – coated palm might just prove cringe in making the opening more tout.

This is mythical. Whereas citric, succulent fruits contain sugary juice that causes stickiness of fingers and palms once one comes into contact with it, this shall not be the case should you opt to apply the sour liquid between your thighs in some ungodly bid to attract more men into your intimate space and finally under your “bad” sheets (bed sheets). Science does not provide an apparatus nor methodology for for repairing what your reckless sex life has turned you into. I sordidly sympathize with you.

Bhang spurns creativity. This is yet another misleading hearsay well orchestrated within the greenest continent the world over, as far as wildlife counts. A lot of scientists are trying to come to terms with the fact that a lot is still not known about marijuana. In a retrospective research carried by world’s science men and women, close to 600 patients who use cannabis were found to have a greater sperm count.

Notwithstanding, this is no proof that the drug contributes to an exponential reproductive health however, more research needs to be done before arriving at any possible mechanism for inferencing anything concerning the (prohibited and illegal drug) within Kenyan soils. Pertaining creativity, marijuana consumption fosters short memory. This, I think shall not go parallel with whatever amount of creativity you’re hunting for.


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