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I write,
You notice,
You assume,
I get disconnected
And curse.

It’s hard to show love to a stone”
of no worth it is  making love to a marble,
Shinny and elegant,
Only adapting to the degree of my loving when in the same room
And nothing is the same when we hug and part ways.

I write
You marvel
Share it to friends
And say
“That was master class”

You find it hard to read between the lines.
Not born for the art, so you wont relate
Our connection is relative,
Like an uncle to a niece
It’s hi when we meet and high time when we don’t.

I notice
You care less
I get disconnected
I miss her
But who listens?

I refuse to build a foundation on a forced connection
I don’t want to end up losing myself when you finally slip away like she did.
Please get tired, and let me try to win her love back.

I write
Get tired
And hope
That if tomorrow ever comes with the darkness it left with,
I would sit and wait for her to come around
Please get tired.