BottomlineWith betting being the latest opium of the rich replacing religion international online thuggery without violence by ‘Fixed Match Sellers’ who lure gamblers into sending them cash as they promise to give them fixed odds basically from ‘fixed’ matches with high returns.

It’s an indisputable fact that today the internet is a subject matter that is widely discussed around the world. It also takes credit for a lot of advancements technologically, in terms of communication, political mobilization, entertainment, storage of information etc, the list is endless. But, it is also to blame for endless vices in today’s society, raging from cyber bullying to exposure of inappropriate material to underage children. To many, the internet is like a way of life.

In as much as many may see it as an easy access to obtain almost everything, mostly for entertainment, a section of people find the internet as an easy platform to conduct business as the dealings are faster as well as involving a wider range of consumers.

Today one can pay bills, order goods, go shopping and even create a firm online. From the comfort of one’s bedroom you can just do almost everything from updating your wardrobe to improving your kitchen as well as furnishing the entire house. The internet allows one to conduct a 24 hour business to a larger market at a lower cost, placement of orders and deliveries is faster.

Away from all that however, a different kind of online businesses has emerged that is getting embraced by many day in day out. They call them online jobs/business, although most of them are actually much less of that.

Today it’s normal for one to come across a captivating post or a message on social media luring them to join the clique of earn easy money online thus  “change your life overnight”. It presents itself as an huge opportunity for one to change his/her life, to stabilize themselves financially thus retiring early or establishing a solid source of income.

Many of these businesses are legit while others, equally as many are pure fraud and scam. Not so long ago a method of earning online named public likes emerged, subscribers would earn by simply clicking on adverts. Public likes managed to capture the attention of  many potential customers attracting a string of investors promised high returns before its paybill number was suspended by telecommunication giant Safaricom, following serious cash reflection discrepancies in customers accounts. Most were unable to access or withdraw amounts that were reflected in their respective accounts.

A subscriber would earn 10 shillings for each advert they clicked on, the higher the earnings went the more the users upgraded to higher levels none would pay a subscription fee of 4,500 shillings and would make more than 7,500 monthly according to the number of ads clicked. They would also earn from referrals,  KES 4  for every user introduced.

Before its collapse, public likes had over 2 million users less than three months since its inception. It’s first beneficiaries being the bigger winners as most had already exploited their investments thus even investing more while the late comers were the most frustrated as their hand-earned cash sank together with the business.

The rise and fall of public likes is only one of the many ways to show how far idle Kenyans are willing to go in order to earn quick money online. Currently, even more popular advertising /marketing businesses are baiting more Kenyans with an aim of changing their lives by helping them live their dreams. It is probably a little bit too early to make assumptions on their legitimacy and transparency.

The most captivating and interesting ones being Global fortunes and Aim Global or Alliance motion, a Philippines founded company that “Turns ordinary people into millionaires”. Established in 2006, the company has spread to more than 25 countries and has got thousands of investors. To join, particularly in Kenya, one has to buy the company’s packages or products worth Ksh 23,000 and earn through their sale or create a pyramid whereby one has to refer people, creating a chain. The more referrals one has, the more one earns. Here one wouldn’t help but wonder what will become of the company’s future, in case the entire world joins. Away from the two methods of earning with Aim Global, there are four more, on joining the company they take you through the processes. Just like in any other forms of businesses, most of its investors will sweet talk clients into joining, while they are known for flaunting their “successes” and flocking people’s inboxes for more referrals.

It never escapes ones eye to realize how ones affinity for money grows after becoming a member of these groups. One could argue that it’s only a normal trait for every hustler out here. This one being different in that their hustles depend on the number of people they manage to lure into joining the chain. Well, many people have managed to invest in these companies,some are genuinely doing fine.

Other than real online marketing Jobs, many people have also invested in gambling and online betting companies. Lotteries and gambling companies like Sportpesa,Bet Pawa, Betin, Mcheza have overgrown within a very short time. Take for instance Sportpesa is only four years old yet it has already invested in sports leagues not only in Africa but also internationally where it has partnered with English football clubs like Arsenal, Everton, Southampton and Hull city. Nothing would stop such a company from attracting even more customers. Urge for quick money has over shadowed rational thinking amongst many young people who have invested heavily on online betting as a way of earning quick cash.

With betting being the latest opium of the rich replacing religion international online thuggery without violence by ‘Fixed Match Sellers’ who lure gamblers into sending them cash as they promise to give them fixed odds basically from ‘fixed’ matches with high returns. After which they block their victims who have the fallacy of fixed matches yet sports betting is a matter of pure luck.

It does work sometimes, other times it doesn’t, it’s only business. Other than that, numerous people have opened YouTube channels in a bid to market their music and art or other content raging from informative videos to motivational and educative lessons. While many might be there to share with the world what they can do, a section of other people do it entirely for money, to them it’s a money making business. Through monetization of accounts they earn huge amounts of money according to the number of subscribers they get alongside viewership of their videos.

The applies to those that have opened blog accounts to sell stories, drawings, paintings and other professional content. Although many blogs and bloggers are to thank for the widespread circulation of fake news and gossip you cannot argue with the fact that they make tonnes of money through them, to most that’s what really matters, that they have sold and earned.

So the internet is a market and a hub of money making opportunities. One only needs free  Wi-Fi  which is nowadays available everywhere from restoraunts to Matatus or cheap data bundles offered by telecommunication companies left right and centre as they seek to out do each other.


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