Bottomline: If I had ten lives, I would like to come back as her in my fifth life, then I would stop by the doorstep of that egghead that wronged me, break his bones and leave him with an incurable scar.

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Squad; this is a gang made up of a minimum of three and a maximum of to five. Let’s consider the trio because it is a more suitable number. It is normally based on either a sister code or an agreed pact. The sister code is a beautiful one because they are more like sisters or is it equals rather than executives and subjects. I do not mean to sound offensive but the pact-based squad is usually made up of a Demigod with two tails as her subjects. There is the queen bee with two booty lickers, one being a more superior booty licker than the other. The demigod is a spoilt brat who owns a plethora of flashy things that most people in campus cannot afford.

She is a braggart, you can almost hear her say, “hey people, I am Tiffany, my dad owns America and so, y’all are my subjects.” Or maybe something like this, “I want my shoes sparkling, I don’t throw away 50 dollars every week to find a streak of mud under the soles of my shoes.” They are not easy to cope up with, I still find myself puzzled and even a little bit disturbed on how the two booty lickers stick to her as her living shadows everywhere she goes but then they got pacts they have to stick to anyway.

Tinker bell; we do not want to break their hearts so we are going to pretend that Pixie Hollow, Neverland and all the other fairy faraway lands do exist. It is not just hearsay but this one is most certainly a fairy princess living in the wrong side of the universe. Her traits might lead one into assuming that she is a misfit in this planet. She is a dreamer, a lass that does not believe that she will one day come of age outgrowing her pigtails alongside multicolored tunics.

She is admirable to some extent because of her desire to remain youthful forever or should I say, childish? Tinker bell is not only in how she dresses or carries out herself, it is also in her heart. Somehow she believes that one day she will grow wings, fly to her rightful place where she will be crowned a princess or if the bargain is good, a queen.
For the record, she is not a bimbo, she is only an innocent soul living a lie, hoping that sometime, somewhere in a faraway destination, she will find a soul mate who will kiss her making her foot pop under a starry sky then lift her to glory.

Witch; Always an instrumental figure in almost all the bad things that happen to the people around her. She is bad, terrible and mean. Her negativity is so intense that sometimes it becomes contagious, let us just forget about her existence. Oh! And by the way, I do not regret using that harsh term to describe her, witches are evil and so she is.

Woman of Steel; If I had ten lives, I would like to come back as her in my fifth life, then I would stop by the doorstep of that egghead that wronged me, break his bones and leave him with an incurable scar. She is an audacious, solid, tough stallion. An abacus you cannot learn with fluffy fingers. Okay, I honestly do not know what I said over there but at least you all understand where the “abacus” and “fluffy fingers” are coming from. She is a boxer that gets to the ring without warming. Most of them like claiming responsibilities so they are not afraid to occupy leadership positions.

Everyone wants to be associated with her, not because they are friendly but because there is always a status tied to those she associates herself with.

Then of course, we have the mums; trust me, this lot has the most brilliant, beautiful lasses in campus. Unfortunately, the most controversial and uninteresting lot too. They are of many kinds. The not-so-straight mums whom you surely do not want to mess up with, the strictly mature mums who are replicas of your mum back at home. They are your friends when you need them but then they start getting boring when they begin expressing themselves exactly like your own mum.

Then there are the married or engaged mums. Most of them live with their spouses and they have an admirable relationship with their kids. The only odd thing about them is that they seclude themselves so much from other people only her baby-daddy and baby matter to her.

The other lot is the single mums, the most interesting lot I must say. They are the bad-good mums. The ones that can gulp two bottles of whisky, get drowned in the club but still remain sober, alert and very caring for their little cute bunnies. They are normally judged a lot by the ‘righteous saints’ who always blame them for being in the position they are in but do they mind? No, because their babies are their only concern. It is this kind of attitude that makes them more powerful than the rest. They are the kinds that will normally form mum clubs and Baby-day outs. They feel obliged to act the nanny, the mummy and even the daddy because who will if they do not? They love their kids unconditionally. They got blemishes but they know how to handle them, I love them.

Ten sampled personalities couldn’t be enough to describe feminine personalities in campus so please, tone down the judgments, there is more to it than what I penned………