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Bottomline: She will teach you how to hold your tea mug, how to wear your cologne, how differently you should hold your fork when eating rice and when eating fruit salad

If I were a man, I would not cow away from falling in love. I would entirely involve my heart in the flamboyance of true love without a single bout of regret. I would definitely not be afraid to settle for a woman of my choice whom without doubt, would be a woman with a thigh gap. Without hesitation or doubt, I would dive right in until I hit the spot at which my love could be imaginatively and tangibly defined.

There is always something uniquely awesome about women with thigh gaps. In case you were not aware, they are the most straightforward women you will ever find. They are never so perfect but their measured goodness will suffice in getting things done. You will surely love their ways of action. They are honorable, calm creatures and when they love, they do not do it haphazardly, you have probably heard of ‘when a woman loves, she loves for real?’

It is undoubtedly in respect to the thigh-gap woman. I do not want to drive you into studying the women in your life but in case you feel moved by this and need to prove my claim, be my guest.

It is not about me being a troubled youth but in case you felt drawn to the positivism in my preamble, you almost swore that it is a fact you should try out, then I’m afraid to say, you sure do need some logical advice in finding a partner.

Finding love sometimes is far from the many people you have met or a trait or personality that is generally stereotyped to be possessed by certain types of people. ‘Everyone is different and unique in their own way,’ is somewhat an overused statement arguably a much needed advice, not everyone subscribes to the fact that Idris Elba is the most handsome man alive anyway. Let us look at it from a campus lady perspective to see some of the personalities one can choose from, with or without a thigh gap.

Genius; before we go deeper into this conversation, let us digress a little bit. You ever met that new guy in the hood in the same outfit he saw you in the previous day then, instead of ogling at you the same way he had done the first time you met, he gives you a naughty smile and comments “nice outfit”? How does that make one feel? Pose such a question to a genius woman and she will make you feel either ten times greater or worse, ten times more deranged.

I love geniuses though, even though at times they act geeky, they always remain friendly and kind. I do not know if it is only me but the ones I have met are not so arrogant and they can qualify as true friends. Although I cannot tell how far their love for their spouses go, I am certain that they are not the ones to toy around with other people’s feelings because they are always direct, outright and totally honest.

Lady Gaga; one word to describe her, psychopath. That is entirely what she is, the epicenter of drama. Her world is a puzzle. She has the ability to blow anything and everything out of proportion. Her skills in starting up an argument is an art that will baffle you right from the time you get to know her. She is impulsive and loves to cause chaos. The only people who understand her are those who swim with her in the same boat, that is in case they even got the term ‘understanding’ in their vocab.

Perfectionist; her favorite beverage is green tea. She does not mind foie gras being her favorite food, not because she even likes it but because she only takes ‘perfect’ dishes. She is the miss know-it-all always judgmental. She understands your body more than you do so she always feels obliged to tell you what to wear and how to wear it.

She is never wrong and has everything figured out. You need advice on how to pull out a decayed tooth, she will be the dentist, you are thinking of working out and need a suitable trainer, she will be there to fit in the shoes. She will teach you how to hold your tea mug, how to wear your cologne, how differently you should hold your fork when eating rice and when eating fruit salad. She is just a bug that only a few people can get along with.

Ruralite; She is popular around campus thanks to her heavy vernacular accent, her worn out scarf and stiletto shoes she got particularly for campus grand entrance. She has a confidence that you would wish to have until that time when someone makes her realize that she should delve into civilization. She is studious and always gives excuses on how she only came to study so as to liberate her village from arrogance. She is awkwardly rigid but wait until she reaches her second year when she discovers what she had been missing and begins feeding on ‘civilization’.

Stray cat; She is pretty and she knows it so she uses her pretty self to lure you into doing the things she wants. Stray cats are clingy and utterly opportunistic. They can never allow you enjoy your successes alone, they are always there to share it with you. You never know what she is up to, she never says where she lives, you possibly do not even know whether she is a student or not because her personality is confusing manipulating everyone with her dishonesty. They are selfish and very materialistic. Before you get involved with them, you probably would want to know her real name.

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