MY MUSLIM LOVE ……………….Part 3


The text message did not shock me, I knew Becky wouldn’t under any circumstance entertain any nonsense against her current hubby and future husband. I knocked on Farhia’s door once more, on opening it to my disappointed she wasn’t there. I guessed she wasn’t far as she would have locked it. I got in and sat on Becky’s bed and begun staring at the beautiful wall pictures they had both erected on the hostel wall.

I started touching the pictures weirdly as I awarded each of them marks. I was always become crazy when the time to rate Farhia, the discrepancy was so unreasonable. Suddenly she stepped in with a pan which she had borrowed from her neighbor Liz. She wanted to make some pancakes for me. I apologized and begged to leave for it was getting too late on the contrary I wanted to stay for the pancakes though I couldn’t risk since I knew Becky would be on her way, she might step in anytime soon. Farhia struggled to convince me to remain for some minutes which I obliged. I was positive about it from the lessons of my grandmother before she left to be with the Lord that she who doesn’t beseech you to eat is not the one. I tried to touch her face to examine her texture but again she resisted my advances vehemently.

I walked away towards my room in Hostel H. It was drizzling,I was rushing so that I couldn’t be rained on. On reaching my room, Becky was standing right at the door. She informed me that she had decided to seek shelter in my room from the rain. I hugged her passionately and started narrating where I had come from. “I passed by your room from hostel M but you were not there. I found your roommate but I dislike her you know, so I decided to come and rest” I explained

The semester was coming to an end,things were now getting out of control. They had started sailing too first for me to catch up. in fact, since I knew Becky and her roommate everything was not in order. My business had ‘died’, I neither had my time nor did I have time for my friends. My class attendance had also decreased drastically from 100% to about 10%.

The end of semester exam was inevitable as well. What remained was to weigh the magnitude of each; either the Muslim love or the examinations. One was beautiful unlike the other. One was also attractive while the other was scary. The last parameter that prompted me to opt for Farhia was the slim chances I had of avoiding special exams in the form of supplementary. On the other hand, she wouldn’t be there just waiting for me.

The evening rains has consistently given Becky excuses to come for sleepovers even when I did not approve. “I came to shelter from the rain” had become too monotonous. Whenever she said that I always knew her motives. Nevertheless, she was mine. We got in and she begun preparing supper. She picked my phone and started watching some video music. As she was busy going through them, Farhia made a phone call, to inform me the pancakes were readily. Luck enough I had not saved her contact by her real name. The display therefore read Francis,my neighbor, the “man next door”. Becky handed me the phone….To be continued


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