I had spent close to an hour waiting for the lecturer to attend the last lecture of the day. A cold evening meant everybody was either wrapped in warm trench coats or sitting in pairs. Lecture Theater 2, LT 2 is notorious for the cold that caused a significant number of comrades to have ‘marriage’ arrangements between course mates. As we say it around here, hii baridi ni ya watu wawili.

What I do during such long boring waits is count the pretty girls passing by and rank them with respect to their body Geography and personal History. I saw a gleaming light-skinned princess in a striped see-through dress that must have been inspired by the short and sweet video. She reminded me of Becky, the only girl in campus who had managed to confuse my heart making my blood to boil without any fire or heat signal involved. She used to wear such dresses whenever I took her out. This made me find myself in a world of nostalgia trying to visualize the moment we enjoyed with Becky before a hijab blew my mind away shifting my attention.

When I first met Becky I was a part-time mobile businessman, hawker dealing in ladies regalia from crop tops to sweaters. My business had made me some sort of celebrity to the extent I could easily win any women representative post if elections were called anytime, however, the best part is that it gave me a free pass to any room in the ladies hostels. I had sold a handful at Hostel L and moved to hostel K for greener pastures. Walking down the hallway of Hostel L for a man meant so much, but it was fun all the same. When Becky appeared in front of me along the corridor; all my dreams, aspirations and prayers summed up in one gorgeous lady. Becky was a stunning figure who had all qualities a man needed to see. I would offer Becky my whole Merchandise if she could just show me her room and give me her cellphone number. She was not exactly the kind of woman my mother would love to see but considering the cold here, I didn’t have a choice.

That evening, my business suffered due to technicalities brought by Becky in my head I could not give the correct balance to the customers.It took me some time to know that three sweaters cost three hundred shillings. Nevertheless, I braved my emotions and went on knocking from door to door till 10 pm. I then folded my belongings and headed for Hostel H where I used to pirate.

That night was long for me. I couldn’t imagine getting my first love in Campus. For the first time I had someone to treat like the last molecule of oxygen in the atmosphere.

The next morning I rose from my bed quickly, hurriedly took shower then rushed to Hostel K with the sole purpose of establishing my credibility which would otherwise be undermined should I have delayed any further. That morning is still ranked among my unusual days in my long term memory, where I had to bathe for the second day consecutively, yes back to back with this cold weather. Knocking at Becky’s door, she was hesitant to open probably she was not expecting anyone, least of all, a regular hawker who turned to Romeo overnight.

She later gave in to the persistent knock that lasted for close to five minutes. Patience had never been my best suite but with Becky I could do anything, yes everything. After seeing my beard which she of course loved, the stern face she had worn faded away gradually and a summer-warm smile planted on the smooth flawless face. Her smile did not spare me from shying away which was a habit I used to fight unsuccessfully since I joined campus.

I made it a habit dropping by Becky’s room with a variety of excuses. When I realized she loved smokies I made it my responsibility to supply the snack just to frequent the room. Then I came to notice her Muslim roommate Farhia…………………To be continued



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