I am here basking under the sun with my boy running around, fulfilling his curiosities then suddenly I remember how his arrival has led to the birth of several mothers. I realise that I have not been a lone mum after all. I have roles to fulfill as a mother but I know I could not have been where I am without the help of the powerful women around me who have been helping me nurture my treasure.

So here’s to my little sister,
I know it is your heartfelt love that drove you to this fire
This fire that surprisingly cools down that little rage you used to cave the sibling rivalry in.
I know it is your boldness that shrunk down the numb when you had to take care of my boy’s well being
I celebrate your adoration for him
I celebrate your perseverance
And I celebrate your immeasurable love
What you have done equals the actions of a mother
And I pray for the abundance of all good things upon you.

To you my big sister,
Those cascading words of wisdom that tend to be too much at times
I appreciate every bit, for the growth they have bestowed upon my brains
I cannot wait for a golf match with you in our sixties.
Our fashion senses differ in a margin that does not show any sibling resemblance
But that has never hindered you from meeting the taste my boy loves

To my best friend Dee
I know you do not fancy milk in your tea
And I also have in mind that we do not have a single pic of us two
So I propose you get your hair done
And let’s meet at your favorite coffee spot for that shoot
Your loyalty is at a hundred
Let’s keep the dedication going
I wish you well in your mumpreneurship.
You have always been amazing

And to you my dear loving mother,
To you I pledge my unending respect and love
If I were to write you a letter, I would do so on a stone tablet
If I were to throw you a party, it would be a tea party in your back yard
It does not always have to be that old-fashioned  but I adore your prowess in blending the old with the new.
I am utmostly grateful you sailed into this ship again with me
Your full commitment and all-time love is highly appreciated.

Lastly, to my friends and all the females of my kin
Thank you for everything.
From your presence to your teachings
From your thoughts to your responses,
I wish on you strength and unending greatness.

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Annie Odeka
The beauty of my youth is what drives my desire to grow older because I'm always convinced that when it fades, there will be a whole new chapter of beauty waiting; the beauty of old age. Sounds ironical, right? But that's what I'm made of. I'm a puzzle that's difficult to solve. The out-going introvert and the fire that cannot be quenched with water. It's hard to be me at times but my enthusiasm for life always keeps me tracking and reminding me that I gotta be just me and nobody else. That's the reason why I like to show to the world what I'm made of and the adventures this world has taken me through.


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