The thought that any parent in his or her right state of mind can opt to reside in Mtwapa is a gamble, a risk not worth taking. Allowing children to grow up exposed to the run ins around the place’s life is a sin one should be in pole position to give account of during the famous judgment day alluded by the Christian fraternity with taking into consideration God’s judgment and man’s remuneration in line with our earthly deeds alongside code of conduct.

Having gone through the sumptuous yet rudimentary ranks of life in the “sin city” which the commonly acceptable term amongst the international community refering to Mtwapa. Let me bring you to pace devoid of honey coating nor concealing even an ounce. I mean 28 grams of the medieval levels of morality; human modesty in particular.Happenings at this  place tends to leave people transfixed to the ground rather baffled whenever stories reach the common citizenry eardrums.

Pleasure should be the second name of the morally eroded area. People work hard, only to squander all their cash with no scruple whatsoever. They do this in awe fashion with them being sticklers to their prominent mantra “Vunja mifupa kama bado meno iko” once payday comes knocking emphatically at their “broke” doors notwithstanding pockets.

It doesn’t come without mentioning what sort of a shambolic life I lived growing up. Right from when I was toddling to somewhere in my high school life ;that was the time I had toughened up enough to live the sorry and sordid Mtwapa life. For I had to survive, I was
left with no option but to bear with extremely unhealthy loud music from pubs, joints and bars that surrounded our rented place which was at Kenda’s arcade. Suffice is not enough to say near Kenda’s, because technically speaking, our rented 3 storey two bedroom house was sandwiched between five bars. Yes five serious bars.

I actually shudder to imagine how I was able to complete nursery, primary and secondary education unscathed by the pangs of immorality in the city. Achieving such a fete must have been crazily unprecedented.Common sights of flesh peddlers parading their wares 24/7 not running blind as prematurely ones from the tender ages of 10-15 is not something normal. In fact it is so abnormal that the effect such could have in the mental development of a kid could cause abnormality forcing a couple of neurosurgeons to be called in to undo the trauma.

Commercial sex work takes centre stage as early as five in the evening running to 10 AM the following day should the working day be devoid of any technical hitches and inconveniences.Albeit other petty factors as contributors to the moral decadence of Mtwapa, I opine the fast development of the region also plays some vital role in the aforementioned.

In a period of less than five years, the area has witnessed sophisticated infrastructural development. Social amenities have much been devolved to the utmost grassroots of the place. The place fancies itself to having a mall ; Mtwapa mall, several big banks from  Barclays bank, Equity bank, Cooperative bank of Kenya, Jamii bora to Family bank to mention a few. A much standard market common to the natives as “Soko mjinga” near Kilifi stage at Mtawa fuelling and petroleum refill station, several standard playing grounds, insurance agencies,hospitals offering dentistry and optical facilities all available, very smooth roads including recently refurbished ones.

Lollipop GoGo ; this is a place where you would pray that satan does not take your teenage son or daughter to. A place where all that goes down is only but nasty, mind irritating and so creepy.Nothing but evil id say.

Just to put more emphasis on the levels of immorality showcased in Mtwapa  is yet another infamous place yet mayhemic. Club Lambada which was officially opened no sooner than 2010 has grown to the liking and tastes of many if not most among the area’s residents. The club boasts not superficial but in depth connections for bringing aboard both local and international music stars. Privy, it once caught the attention of the locals two years shy of present time the perpetration and execution of nasty functions within the aforementioned night club that sex parties and orgies are meticulously orchestrated within Mtwapa walls ain’t no lie. Vindictive naked truth it is the westerners are to blame for erosion of moral values.

The aforementioned is one popular lounge with specialty in pole stripping services. This is the kind of crap your campus son or daughter could be experimenting with in his or her twenty ones, twenty twos or so. Are you getting the kind picture? Real abhorring. Right?

The place fancies a macho man in their governor. Amason Kingi, quite an admirable worker, which makes the sin city develop quite interestingly promptly. A lot of Westerners also exist in the area. Which comes in handy as another reason behind its rapid development or rather growth. Unofficial sources point out that 46% of the total area’s population comprises of foreigners who are mostly Germans, Israelis, Italians, Scandanavians and U.S.A citizens with a good number of their half castes off springs ‘Pointis’ as they are commonly referred to having a significant population.

Youths in the area are almost left at the mercy and grace of their creator as not much can be done by their parents to change matters as they currently stand.Child pornography and adult movies are also shot at specific locations in this area with foreigners taking advantage of the poverty levels to cash in on the unregulated industry. Same gender relationships have become ordinary thematic concerns within the peripheries of Mtwapa with cases of gay weddings and multiple lesbian affairs chipping in as evidence of the eroded moral structure the area exhibits making it a place where everything becomes justifiable. A city built on proceeds of immorality where out of 10 buildings five are bars,four are brothels and one is a hotel.


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