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Bottomline: she is the reason why am single to date since no lady matches her qualities

“ Motherhood is the biggest gamble in the world, it is the glorious life force, it’s huge and scary , it’s an act of infinite optimism” Gilder Radner

This quotes rips open the sutures of a good heart, the mother of sacrifices. Having endured nine months of pain, nausea alongside other pregnancy related illnesses she brought you to the world unblemished.

She has been your teacher throughout your childhood turmoils. Your sweet mama had to correctly guess what your yelling and screaming all night meant. Everyone would like to relate to rose flower scent but she got used to the smell of your used diapers. That day you insisted on watching a cartoon episode for the tenth time in her company , she deemed it imperative despite the boredom.

Your loyal servant found joy in your fussing. There were days mummy was from work yet you tainted her official attire with dirt , regardless of how dirty you were her embrace created an infinite affection. The list is endless, name them.

This is what my circle of friends had to say about their mothers;

“My mother is my detective and confidant. She is the last person who will choose to remain with me even on the valley of death. She is a strong woman who has endured and persevered a lot through the unknown journey of life, she still remains focused just to see us have a reason to smile. I only have one problem with her she is the reason why am single to date since no lady matches her qualities. But above all I love her.” Says Joash a Journalist

According to June, an accountant her mom is the best thing that has ever happened to me. My best friend and confidant. Apparently there are few things am certain of in life, she happens to be one of them. Though during our tough times I feels like I don’t understand her at all at the end of the day all I have is her. I cannot say she is perfect but I find perfection in her imperfection. She always tells me not to judge simply because maturity is accepting that you can also be wrong. Growing up I have come to realise that some people lack basic respect thus I pride myself for her role in my upbringing.

“ I don’t remember much, she passed on when I was young, but she must have been the best.” Says Griffins

Let me say I celebrate my mom for her loving and caring nature, For her hard work in farming and provision of basic needs . Thanks to her stories that keeps me lively alongside her musical prowess. I am a daughter of art .

Mothers are the hands that hold our fate. Nurturing kids is a skill they lovingly embrace. When we were Young they beat shit out of us. You all have stories of punishments from heavy surprise slaps to slippers beatings yet we ended up in their arms like pieces of good luck in every mess.

In our youthful life, we still turn to them for advise because they are our best friends. The good thing about having a mother is that even when you’re old and grey, they still call you “ baby”

The History of mothers day; the modern mother’s day began in the United States at the initiative of Anna Jarvis, she founded mother’s day in 1908 when her mother died and she wanted to honour her. Fortunately her campaigns to make it a National holiday too succeeded. Anne Jarvis trade marked the phrase “ second Sunday in May” Mother’s day. She specifically noted that it was a time for each family to honour it’s own mother. Honoring mother’s has since become a norm in most countries. Kenya included ( Wikipedia)

It’s time to appreciate our mothers in many ways though we can never appreciate them enough for the sacrifices they make during motherhood, sadly the 2020 celebrations will only be virtual thanks to Corona virus that has brought about social distancing,lock-down and quarantine.