Moi University Catholic Association held its annual cultural event that saw Kevin Otula Otieno, a nineteen year old first year student pursuing a Bachelor of Business Management was crowned Mr. Moi University Christian Association (CSA) 2019.

Kevin’s conspicuous win is not only out of his confidence thanks to his free spirited heart but also marked his debut in the modelling industry. Flushed with success, the handsome student in high spirits shares with us about his stunning success and future ambitions.

How can you describe yourself?

(in an indulgent smile) I am a hardworking, determined, respectful, obedient and an intelligent young man. I am also a staunch Catholic who abides by the doctrines my loyalty is to Kisumu diocese Sigomre Parish which has moulded me into the person I am today.

What pushed you to contest for Mr. MU CSA?

I got my inspiration from the previous cultural event, I vividly recall how gorgeous the contestants looked and I wished I was among them. I badly wanted to try out. Fortunately, 2019 was the perfect time to grab myself a crown.

Do you aspire to be a model?

Mmh! who wouldn’t want to be famous? I admire Kenyan modelling industry and I would wish to be one of the outstanding male model someday. Other than that, I would wish to be associated with one of the best international brands in the modelling industry.  I believe soon I’ll be fully oriented to the industry.

He says with much determination written in his eyes.

Have you modeled before?

No, actually this was my first attempt and I am very proud of myself, it’s an achievement I dearly respect. One author said “go beyond your comfort zone”

Who was your designer?

My designers were Philip Lukas, Joseph Odour and Bhakita, all members of the CSA specifically the HOKIDISA family (Homabay Kisumu Diocese Association). Though not professionals I really appreciate their good work.

How did it feel when you won?

It was bliss, I felt like screaming, couldn’t help the smiles and laughter. I perceived myself not just a face in the crowd but the courageous one who despite all odds emerges the winner. However, I was a little bit sad because somehow it wasn’t really a win basing on the fact that I was the only male contestant. It was shock to realize that I had no competitor, nevertheless, I did it!!

Kevin poses for a photo after the event

Has the position brought changes in your life?

Absolutely! It has raised my standards, brought me closer to my religion.Currently am more famous and recognized greatly by the parish, this being one of the most respected positions.

My interaction with fellow colleagues will  improve now that they view me as a senior.

Who is your role model?

The former US President Barrack Obama for his command of the English language and eloquence.

Tell us about your greatest achievement so far.

Being crowned Mr. Moi University Catholic Students’ Association.

What’s your message to the entire CSA?

To all CSA members I promise my unending support whenever needed. I will portray a good image of the association. Let’s join hands in unifying the local community and spreading the word of God in campus, the country and even to the world. Let’s nourish others spiritually for us to have a better generation in the coming years. You have my gratitude for your support. Be blessed!

What’s your daily mantra?

God has good plans, Jeremiah 29:11.


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