In between the weightless words of lovers
And the shutters of closed windows
In the strained lies within I love you’s

Lays the smallest truth,
It can be ingested with water and spat out with honey,
It can be carried in the air and swam with in the waters,
It can be crashed and burned, grown and flourished.

In the darkest hour of the night
Lies the simplest truth,
That you are mine.

The prayer and the confirmation,
The journey and the destination.
In the highs and lows,
In the winds and snows.

Whether yesterday, today,
Or within the clutches of infinite tomorrows.
You are mine.

Not because the stars aligned,
Or the moon smiled upon us.
But because in the beginning of time,

When the earth was dark and light did not exist,
When the air was a solid opaque mass.
Your name was written beside mine.


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