Bottomline: Miguna has never held any political office to showcase what he can do when elected something that most voters are skeptical about him

The man with the same name twice, a barrister and solicitor in Canada, recently involved in ‘fisticuffs’ with the powers-that-be of his motherland over his citizenship, is set to jet back in the country sooner or later after the High Court of Kenya ruled that he is a Kenyan citizen, which was obvious considering citizenship by birth is rarely withdrawn.

Miguna in a press release after the verdict projected that he will be back in the country (but didn’t clarify when) to continue with the struggle for “freedom” with a choice of “death.” His resolute determination for the quest of what he believes in is yet to gain momentum with his supporters’ number growing into plenitude steadily.Though political pundits have dismissed him as a general without an army most Kenyans deep inside their hearts and minds know that this man speaks utmost truth consistently unlike their common,normal day to day politicians who can build bridges where there is no waterway.

Who is Miguna Miguna?

In 1962, a year when the fight for independence was at its climax, the colonizers left the country in droves as different political quarters spearheaded the attainment of Uhuru, was the year when Miguna Miguna was brought forth in Magina Village, Kisumu County.

In his book Peeling Back the Mask, the outspoken lawyer describes himself as an eagle that could not hang out with chickens. He often defied anything he considered wrong, unfair or fails to live up to his ideals to an extent of standing up to his mother at the age of five to decline the name Otieno in front of a priest and choose to be called Miguna Miguna, a name that is unique from other children.

Attending Njiris high School in Muran’ga.  Born under political scenarios, Miguna Miguna became a student leader after joining University of Nairobi where he was expelled and detained in 1987 for spearheading multiparty democracy in Kenya during the Moi regime. He sought asylum in Tanzania before being granted permanent political asylum in Canada in 1988.

The self-proclaimed general of the outlawed National Resistance Movement of Kenya has seen his wittiness and brutal honesty nature of hitting below the belt gain him both friends and foes.

The rise of Miguna …

Dramatically, he is set to be the new maestro of Kenyan politics similar to other revolutionaries with a distinguished political pathway to the top after being mishandled and oppressed by their government.

At the time when the country feels there is more that needs to be done in social justice, rule of law and high cost of living which he often addresses using his intellectual prowess to coin words and phrases in a convincing manner to drive the point home leaving his disciples and foes in awe.

His ideas on development that some have been bashing that they can’t be implemented in a third world country seem to be the only solution to the problems facing Kenyans. For instance in his manifesto when he was running for Nairobi gubernatorial seat, he outlined how to decongest Nairobi City by investing in subways without necessarily making citizens walk to the Central Business District (CBD), you all know what happened when the current Governor tried his populist decongestion policy of matatu terminals outside CBD,it resulted to traffic snarl ups and never ending human traffic caravan that made the policy to be abandoned in less than 24 hours, it was dead in arrival.

Slowly but steadily Kenyans have begun to realize how Miguna Miguna can make the leader they have been waiting for. However, they are cautious of how politicians change once they attain power. But is Miguna Miguna really like any other politician?

The man from Magina village has proclaimed himself incorruptible and clean calling out anybody to come out with evidence of him abusing office with no one coming out with substantial claims. He pose as the complete kind of a leader that Kenyans have been admiring to have.

However, Miguna has never held any political office to showcase what he can do when elected something that most voters are skeptical about him.

“I’ll be back …”

On his press release on Friday 14th December 2018, Miguna maintains that he will be back in the country although he never made it clear when.

The state has already manufactured him into a heroic image during his passport row. When he comes back, that will boost his platform to articulate his wants and views as he aspires to vie for the Nairobi gubernatorial seat once again.

Unless Nairobians maintain their never learn attitude, Miguna will take over Nairobi politics in a storm.  



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