Bottomline: The rest can continue being motivational speakers, scripting Biblical inspirational quotes online,eating fare, enlightening each other on women being equal to men, multitasking married men,sponsors and boyfriends as they stay woke.

Men’s conference has joined Reggae in the list of unstoppable things. Just like reggae which is unstoppable this year’s men’s conference will take place from 13th to 16th February. Neither the desert locust invasion that threatens food security in the Horn of Africa nor the simmering tensions between Iran and USA which is threatening world peace.

As far as we are concerned World War III ended when sponsors annihilated the boy-child financially tilting the courtship-dating war due to their heavy artillery gunfire wallet-wise.

Terms of reference; this madness of undertaking husband duties on a boyfriend tender ended in 2019. Before taking up husband duties on a boyfriend tender remember an antelope (unmarried woman) is nobody’s goat. This year we are reviewing our terms of reference before entangling ourselves in any relationship with members of the opposite sex. We are not going to invest financially in relationships footing parental bills like paying school fees, rent, vacations amongst other extravagant expenses. Nobody will be turned into anybody’s shopping vouchers and offers. Your role as an African man is to pay dowry when the right time comes, any other nonsense she demands from you is the role of her parents.

Financial investment; saving before spending, spending when necessary and investing in future prospects. We will be cutting unnecessary unrelated investments with zero return of investment. Baby girl if you want an all white birthday party be prepared ;alongside your circle of stingy female friends to crowd fund to make it a reality instead of blackmailing the men you are dating, those who think they are dating you and those interested in you to send ‘birthday party’ money as proof they are serious in the relationship.

Bro Code; its time we begin to support each other not only financially but also socially to avert more cases of depression due to social pressure. We won’t be entertaining the victim card anymore when it comes to child support issues. The same way Ken Mijungu stood out speaking against this nonsense when Mercy Kyallo tried to portray Dennis Okari as a deadbeat dad thanking ‘everyone’ in her long post filled with ‘kizungu mingi na catwalk’ not thanking Okari who alongside friends raised a significant amount to foot the child’s bill. This calling out should not be a preserve of celebrities only it should trickle down across all social stratifications. Fence sitting from fellow brothers when it comes to such matters has made women to think they are the Salus populi suprema lex esto pushing men into depression,misery then untimely death.

Level playing field; pussypreneurship  and clitocurrency are emerging as the tools of modern day barter trade more effective than any cryptocurrency. The two have the ability to create jobs, avail opportunities where there were none, win state tenders, climb the corporate ladder and transfer any dissident ‘despot’ to an outpost in Lodwar if you raise your voice against this vice. Lowering the flag has enabled this clique of women to rise socially, economically and politically as our hard work is washed down the drain. We will level the playing field by calling out this mediocrity online and offline whether they label us enemies of girl-child rising or not we aren’t going to play by the rules, if we cant beat them in ‘panty removal warfare’ we will organize for them to be beat each other.

Toxic Feminism; Equal rights comes with equal responsibilities. This nonsense of we are only equal when it comes to rights but not responsibilities ended in 2019. This year we will be receiving birthday gifts, serious birthday gifts like the ones you always expect us to surprise you with during your birthdays not the happy socks and boxers you people buy thinking you have played a herculean transforming our lives. These ones we will be buying ourselves on the streets or in supermarkets. We are not taking anything less than PlayStation 5, its our turn to eat.

Killing Squad; Speaking out when it comes to socio-economic frustrations, there is no shame in acknowledging you were shortchanged. Whether they have eaten your fare, blocked you everywhere online and offline after sending birthday money,suddenly saying its over, eloping with a man who is more endowed or has a loaded wallet. This madness of travelling for over 300 miles to hack somebody’s daughter to death because of birthday money, eating fare and cheating ended in 2019. This year we are moving on to the next patient, faster than the gospel ‘ Tunasonga kaa injili’ Sam Shollei opened the floodgates.

Dating & Marriage; Going forward we will be going out with female members of the public born between 1996 and 2002, those aged between 18-24. The rest can continue being motivational speakers, scripting Biblical inspirational quotes online,eating fare, enlightening each other on women being equal to men, multitasking married men,sponsors and boyfriends as they stay woke.

Celebrating Mothers; Sending fare madness ended in 2019, going forward we will be celebrating our mothers,motherly figures,aunts and grandmothers in a special way. Taking them to shopping sprees during mothers day, quarterly shopping and vacations once in a while. Blood is thicker than water anyway…..

Easy Living; We are busy cutting costs so don’t expect coffee-pizza dates anytime we are meeting in town. In fact we are not meeting in town for dates anymore with this economy, if you can’t do my place due to trust issues we will be meeting in open spaces such as Uhuru Park. We are not going to cover anyone’s cooking disability by buying ready made food from supermarkets, its either you cook or eat what is available. Going forward we will not be taking any hostages neither will we leave any witnesses. This is 2020.


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