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Bottomline: Women like antelopes don’t have owners therefore when you invest your resources willingly or otherwise don’t invest your emotions it always ends in tears.

Making it in life has different interpretations and perceptions depending on varied world views from different people when it comes to success. However, the basic tenets of success usually revolve around socioeconomics with specific focus on wealth and family.

Here is how you can make it in your thirties or late twenties, the thirties are the new twenties anyway. Forget about the life starts at forty fallacy. With no proper foundation in your twenties and thirties you won’t jump start at forty forget it.

Avoid people who think you have a lot of money; be very careful when dealing with people who baptize you governor, chairman, director, ‘kiongosi’ alongside other titles without portfolio in a bid to boost your ego before requesting for financial favors be it close friends,members of your extended family, colleagues, acquaintances or former classmates back in high school,primary or campus. These are people who have you on speed dial only calling you when they are in dire financial assistance after-which your services are no longer required.

Save before spending not vice versa; Prioritize in saving no matter how meagre your earnings may seem. Forget about the silent saving in your bank account which is always abandoned whenever a small problem props up forcing you to cash out with a blink of an eye then you are back to ground zero starting over again. Saving with mobile money is also tricky considering cashing out takes a split second whenever a pressing issue arises.

Join a Sacco after doing some serious background checks on its history,finances,asset base, investments and membership don’t just join any Sacco for the sake. Be part of those informal Saccos’ known as merry-go-round they come in handy when in need of urgent finances thus avoiding preying Shylocks and get cash in 24 hours micro-finance establishments which have exorbitant interest rates.

Have real time role models; forget the all talk but no show fellas who suffocate our televisions with success stories of how they reached where they are now as they gun for a ‘mention in top forty under forty. Remember Fadhili Wilkins with his all air talk that made him be featured in ‘Forbes 30 under 30’ alongside ‘business magnet’ Heshan De Silva not forgetting the grandfather of all scams Donald Trump who got featured in the Forbes list when he wasn’t as valuable as he was featured.

There are real time role models who have stories that add up thus they can mentor you into making life changing decisions that will forever change the course of your life for the better forever.

Distinguish between wants and needs; know what you need and what you want. According to uncle google needs are things you must have, in order to live whereas wants are things you wish to have so as to add comfort in your life. Needs are  necessities while wants are desires. Focus on the needs as you save for the wants which can be acquired in future I want a car but I need a house so that I eliminate rent in future its just as easy as that but the kind of peer pressure in this age bracket can make you buy a car as it is the de facto panty remover, more effective than Smirnoff double black with guarana….

Bulk buying; shopping without a list of commodities to be bought leads to extravagant spending on items that aren’t necessary. Unnecessary expenditure is easily curbed through buying commodities from wholesales in bulk quantities is usually cheaper than looking flashy swerving trolleys in the supermarket while your bank accounts is in tears picking items that cost nearly double what you could have spent shopping in a wholesale. Supermarkets are for people who have reached self actualization and emergencies not for regular monthly shopping by those who are trying to make ends meet.

Easy Living; cooking might be tedious but its way more cheaper compared to buying ready made take away meals from eateries. One is able to lay down food security plans over a long period of time such as stocking cereals,cooking oil alongside other non perishables enabling you to invest the already scarce finances in other ventures.

Husband duties on a boyfriend tender; An antelope is nobody’s goat so do not take up responsibilities that weren’t yours in the first place. No man should be renting premises, pay college fees, buy a car,foot bills or offer financial support to women they aren’t married to. Women like antelopes don’t have owners therefore when you invest your resources willingly or otherwise don’t invest your emotions it always ends in tears.

Your work is to pay dowry so keep calm as you wait for your future in-laws to extort bride price.Such financial assistance should be extended to relatives instead,blood is thicker than water anyway.

Keep your circle close and beer cold; surround yourself with people who challenge you positively not these ninjas who always ask you what you are doing of Friday so that you can go for a road trip to Arabuko Sokoke or when the have ordered rounds of drinks in the bierkeller thus your input towards clearing the bills is highly required.

People who can challenge you to venture in wealth generation projects not cheer leaders who always praise you as you compete each other in accumulating gangster points. Forget about friendships and boys clubs nowadays its about common interests. Just know your friends…

Set realistic goals; have short,medium and long term goals not these new year resolutions that never go past January. These goals should be time bound with their progress being monitored and evaluated to track implementation measuring the effectiveness of your progress so that you can improvise maneuvers to achieve your targets earlier with ease.

Parte after Parte; Drinking left,right and centre ended back in college. You don’t have the time and comfort of club hopping, sampling all brands of alcohol and house parties in your weekly itinerary that come with spill over hangovers that last till midweek making you less creative and productive. Inculcating regular drinking sprees on your modus operandi may not turn out well,maybe social drinking once in a while to catch up with friends while rekindling past memories.

Avoid social media; the kind of flashy lifestyles exhibited by your peers online can send you to depression and psychological comatose. What they update online may misguide you on how life has been gentle to them while you have constantly been receiving end piling unnecessary pressure on your persona to keep up while the reality on the ground is totally different. In this era of technological advancements the camera always lies…

Date if you must; more women more problems having many women in your to do list is very dangerous, men aren’t good at multitasking anyway. They have managed to confuse Solomon the wisest man to ever live, his father David a man after God’s own heart and Samson who was the strongest of them all. So who are you to escape their trap, Nebuchadnezzar. Date if you must not to complete the adulthood cycle.The higher the number of women you date the deeper the dent in your wallet last time I checked an average date costs Ksh 1,500 after which you will be accused of being a mean boyfriend.





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