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Bottomline: Probably you’ve been dating for decades  bae isn’t showing any signs of proposal, so you figure out if he is tossing coins with you while looking at the other direction or just not ready

LOVE and LIFE, heard about it? Read about it? Dreamt of it? And may be, just maybe cried about it? Duh! It’s never a mystery. At times it comes like plaque, breaking bonds, quenching tears and burning hearts, finally with zeal we wait for the destined person owing to the cliché; what is meant to be will be.

Kenyans were left scratching their heads in horror and bewilderment after Sharon Otieno’s brutal murder, her body was found dumped near kodera forest, with top government officials being linked to her death. However , ” to err is human forgiveness is divine” says Quinter a journalism student. Of what use is our early twenties if not making mistakes and learning from them? You only live ones, so with fire in your belly, do the illicit just with caution it doesn’t cost you an arm. Get to the spa,feel yourself breath, party hard , explore the world, I mean, take control, till the day waking up is no longer an option.

Let’s chart sponsorship, forget about charity and God parents, this illicit love affair.
“Kila nyani na starehe zake, some date wamama old enough to be their grandmothers , blame game zii” Thanks mcee

To quote Billy Atebe’s words; ” yes men do have ‘clandes’,side chics they need favors too, most find it difficult being loyal thus opt for sugar mummies, paramountcy, men engage in such for enjoyment and money, who does not love money or what comes with money?” I cannot say peer influence contributes, mostly it’s a personal decision. Personally, I hate sponsor fueled relations with passion! ” something of a turn about that this ( malady) is affecting both genders.

Food for thought; your daughter of about eighteen years old is playing wifely duties to a sixty two year old man who willingly provides money,clothing, vacations and free nights out provided he gets sex in return. In the event of pregnancy, the sponsor denies responsibility. Sure if a parent, you won’t take it lightly.

Thanks to the good old days when morals were upheld , for any reasons it was an abomination dating the so called sponsors. Who bewitched the modern society? Or is it a case of money making man run mad?

While most of us think the elementary days of pinning for someone are behind us,adulthood seemingly has brought more dating woes. Having a crush on someone I’d say is healthy, whether it’s the girl next door, the hot nigga in your class, your favorite garbage collector or one of the men and ladies on TV. Funny how the only times you bump into them are days you look shaggy as if out of a Sadolin paint factory a worst case scenario, damn! Once I was dressed all slinky hopping to meet my crush but gosh! He didn’t appear, guess what, a story had to be concocted.

We often think things would be easier if we confess our feelings to a crush with time they may turn to bae, outrageous how this moment turns out terrifying and hopeless, you probably won’t hear from them, worse still see them again. Free advice fam, you have a crush? Keep it low-key.

Lack of discrepancy if we forget the proposal dramas, an artist sung; mapenzi kishenzi ukipenda maovu, huoni haya…

Probably you’ve been dating for decades  bae isn’t showing any signs of proposal, so you figure out if he is tossing coins with you while looking at the other direction or just not ready. To some it’s an in thing , they’ll argue that real men are ‘Aoros’ hence they date ‘Wandias’, however, boy child is the hunter in a relationship and should not be hunted.

Then boom! In a catharsis, girl of dreams you propose to him, contrary, the devil strikes, he pins you down bragging of how that was so oblique and that you played your cards too fast so its over. Surely the boy-child has suffered proposal dramas and its time ladies take charge. Either merits a seal of approval though.

Nevertheless, it is prudent that we observe morals before yapping  how God is the only friend we need…….


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