I have been thinking about what to write as my first article this year, guess what came across my mind. Lessons learnt in 2018;

It’s okay to be vulnerable; We agree that vulnerability is underrated I can tell you how it’s powerful. You know of a person who’s always happy no matter what happens? These kinds of people are super annoying. We know these people play perfectionist yet we all know that perfect people don’t exist.How many times have you said “I’m fine!” when really deep down all you wanted to do was come clean and admit that everything is not OK. We are taught that it’s not cool to be vulnerable. It shows weakness and just won’t do.

Instead we must embrace the stiff part of us and pretend that everything is OK. Vulnerability provides inner strength.. what nobody told us is that there is actually a deep inner strength in vulnerability why? because to be vulnerable you have to be honest; you have to be the real you.

At times it may feel like the safer option is to hide your inner feelings but come on,playing pretend doesn’t ever really make you feel that great on the inside; it only leaves you feeling like a fraud. It’s true that when we learn to accept and grant ourselves a permit to be vulnerable the sooner we free ourselves from the chain of pretence -perfectionism. Try it today.

No one owes you anything; I was doing some reading, something for school sometime back. I read of how whenever we take group photos the first person you look at is you,if you find out you ain’t looking good you wouldn’t post that picture which is so true but if you look cute you’re gonna post it the first thing anyway.You can give people too much and you expect them to treat you with the same respect, the same amount of love and energy that you pour out. However,no one owes you anything as human beings we were born selfish but that shouldn’t change your character. You’ll possibly meet people with the same energy as yours.

You’ll not control everything; I’m one person who’d like to be in control but understanding that I can only sustain one thing at a time was really a hell of a tip. It’s important for you to understand why you want to control. Most people want to control because of fear but really letting go off small things,managing your expectations, surrendering to life is major and why couldn’t you consider this? Leave room for surprises huh

Prioritize your mental health; I’ve probably told this a lot but anything that takes you away from your sanity should not be in your life even if it’s hard to let go be it a job, a person or a relationship. If you go to bed and you’re constantly worrying too much about it draining your energy literally. I mean you’re always calling your friend I’m worried about this or that.. I’m not saying you should stop worrying because it’s completely normal to worry.. but as long as it takes away your inner peace it’s not worth it.

Invest in yourself and your future; I know you’re wondering how I’m putting up this but it’s not banking entirely on finances. By this I mean invest in your future.Material things come and go but your knowledge stays with you. Read books and blogs, become the boss of your money,never stop learning and if you can create multiple income generating activities. Yhaas and yes you absolutely have to work hard because consistency pays.

Just so you liked it follow your ghel..


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