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Bottomline: our tomorrow meant university life, indeed it came.. Freedom of sleep, class attendance, dress code the list is endless.

Tell tales are told, kindergarten was a small heaven,for we played in the mud, sung alphabets in unison not to forget the thirty minute eating session. Trouble arose during the compulsory one hour sleeping period. I vividly remember how kids screamed throwing tantrums to evade this devil sleep.

Favorite Mr Madam, for that’s how referred to her patrolled the room to ascertain that everyone was dead asleep. Right now everyone would be grateful for a few minutes of sleep during lectures. Four O’clock marked the climax, “hurreeh!” Time to go home, we assembled , recited prayers and songs we hardly knew words well before running home happily. Rather played hide and seek near the school gate waiting for mum to come pick us. Any delay meant hatred so she covered her lateness with lollipops to calm our watery eyes. What a life!

Those were the days when caning was the norm. primary school wasn’t any good unless your lucky parents could afford private school fees. Corporal punishment was part and parcel of life. It came in ways, either spanking with open arms, slaps on the cheeks, strokes of cane across the bottom or on the hand. The cane had a special name ” Mr right ” or ” Mr red” for bucket handles.

At times we were made to sleep in the sun.Worse was appearing before the head teacher, this meant an ‘harambee’, being caned by all teachers present . Donkey jaws acted as necklaces just in case you spoke in vernacular as the school tried to formalize English and Swahili as the official languages.

High school wasn’t any better , a mere mistake meant expulsion from school, ferrying logs to the school kitchen or buying barbed wires for the school. Nevertheless, rules are there to be broken, we soon became used to punishment, its funny how others would literally seek for mistakes.

“Freedom is coming tomorrow”, our tomorrow meant university life, indeed it came.. Freedom of sleep, class attendance, dress code the list is endless. It is in such institutions that the worst of classroom chronicles are felt. Lectures here like shoe size vary in behavior and teaching criteria.

Meet the boring lecturers, these ones talk in low tones, it’s almost assumed they don’t take breakfast, has no stories or a mere sense of humor in between lectures. Comes to class late and dictates notes from the word go, greetings they say keep to yourself. They don’t care whether you attend lectures or not.

The only concept one understands from their murmur is sleep. Half of the class is either glued to phones or dozing off. Funny enough they only project their voices when blasting a comrade, like “hey! Stop yawning like a cow en-route to a cattle dip” . When results come almost the whole class has a supplementary or something close to that.

Cool lectures on the other hand are easy going, comrades love them so much. Cool for they dress to kill in coats with hair well made, they’re ever looking youthful . Research guides them on what and when to teach, what to include in exams . wow! This means an A grade to comrades in his/her courses. They never miss a trending story to talk about, lectures are ever full to capacity as jovial students offer an interactive session. Not all that glitters is gold, most male cool looking lectures are skirt chasers running after female students to ” taste the feeling” with the promise of better grades alongside assorted goodies.

Handout lectures are common, they come to class at least twice in a semester with a brief case full of excuses claiming of being held up in some meeting abroad. Their work is to distribute handouts, give assignments , wish you well in exams and can’t lecture for the whole lecture period, in case a question is asked they’re fast to tell you to go do your research thats why you are in the university. the next time you set eyes on them they will issuing end of semester exam booklets accompanied with question papers reflecting nothing in the handouts. Ironically, he/she will console you by saying in case you fail they shall fix it. Actually they always fix it, no one goes home with a ‘Soup’, supplementary.

Thanks to no nonsense lectures, whose students would dare not miss a lecture. They have incredible ‘petty’ rules that ensures attendance lists are signed with their take away assignments collected in time, they can issue abrupt sit in CATS photographing everyone present as evidence for future ‘missing mark’ reference just in case.

They teach for the entire lecture duration with the willingness of doing that extra hour. Spiritual lectures also lecture well their only  problem is confusing lecture halls to churches preaching more than disseminating academic knowledge regretting the absence of sacrament and holy communion.

All in all the average day in campus is different, students have various expectations on lectures. Coping with whichever type your lecturer comes your way.



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