Bottomline: In this country the level of reasoning between a university professor and a village madman is the same just wait for the electioneering period you will know the difference between the two is the similarity

Religion remains the greatest deception western civilization tool introduced by the missionaries in Africa. After using religion to colonize Africa in the 19th and 20th centuries, African religious leaders are now using it as a vessel to further their partisan interest. The fingerprints of the catholic church involvement in the 1994 Rwandan genocide are all over.

The Rwandan catholic Archbishop at that time, Vincent Nsengiyumwa stood by as Tutsi nuns and priests were being murdered by the Hutu dominated interahamwe Militia. Despite his influence in the Hutu ruling political elite circle where he sat at the central committee for close to 15 years and implemented policies that discriminated against the Tutsi minority; the Archbishop kept his silence as scores of Tutsis and moderate Hutus were being murdered left right and centre in the 100 days of terror.

The Kenyan Religious situation is no different the church whether Catholic, Protestant, Pentecostal or African Traditional churches have been infiltrated, manipulated and remotely controlled by the political class. Christianity is a religion anchored on the tenets of truth, justice and equality but none applies in the Christian mannerisms in this country. Truth dictates that North of South is North it can’t be East or West, but in a country where churches are built on land given out by politicians who still hold the title deeds, money from dirty dealings is being tithed by the same political class in church and church fundraisers invite the most corrupt politicians as the guest of honor, the front row seats, “Hallelujah” bench is reserved for the political class yet we expect the same church to stand up against any form of social injustice be it corruption or political violence, what a pipe dream.

Instead they give the pulpit to politicians to address the congregation where they spew hate messages in coded language in their native language. When asked why they do so they will say politicians also need to be shepherded selectively quoting the Bible verse that “leaders are chosen by God” scripture,you are left wondering if Nebuchadnezzar, Pharaohs of Egypt or the Philistine Kings chosen by God, this nonsense has made it easier for the devil to get a front row seat in our churches as long as he has loads o cash tucked inside a briefcase.

The silence of the church has been loud enough during Kenya’s electioneering period adopting a wait and see approach when police use excessive force, citizens butcher each other as property is being destroyed by the people they are supposed to shepherd. Religious leaders don’t speak in one voice instead they speak in support of the political coalition they are aligned to. In a deeply ethnocentric country you just need to know the name of the clergy,his or her parish and you will definitely know which coalition he or she is aligned to.

Gospel entertainers took sides openly in the political contest as they tried to make quick money and solicit for performance at government events and public holidays. They formed the bulk of financed peace ambassadors, peaceprenuers busy persuading Kenyans to vote for peace during the election ignoring other factors in an election; openness  and fairness, peace was not even a candidate.

Our airwaves were filled with peace messages and adverts featuring various artistes mostly in the gospel world begging the question was there no peaceful coexistence among Kenyans before the elections? This just showed how Gospel had changed from a Ministry to an Industry. After the 2007-2008 post-election violence that rocked the country, the consumption of gospel music has been on a steady rise alongside the rise of Pentecostal churches. The same situation happened in Rwanda after the genocide.

Our media is commercialized and petty they would rather look for a man lining up waiting to vote with a polythene bag containing a mixture of boiled maize and beans “Githeri” whose photo went viral instead of interrogating the election process armed with facts and figures. Our media houses have unilaterally resolved to shallowness in the recruitment process opting for socialites,bimbos,comedians,slay kings and slay queens in their bid to increase viewership for advertising purposes at the expense of suave and inquisitive journalists. This has led to an exodus of objective journalists to international media houses with the few remaining ones providing fodder for security agencies once in a while when they don’t tore the line.The media owners are the government,politicians or their proxies thus zero objectivity in coverage and reporting.

The government through the luxurious government advertising which is the major source of income has managed to make media houses financially dependent hence censorship; how many stories have never made it to the mainstream media on corruption or how many stories have been watered down for public consumption.This has in turn led to the ascendancy of blogs,websites and online news channels that publish such stories as they have nothing to lose but everything to gain. Bloggers and freelance journalists who run these site are always in and out of police cells where they are threatened but no charges are filed in any court of law as everything they have published is nothing by the truth.

Journalists have turned out to be communication consultants for politicians,state agencies and county governments in their bid to make quick money. Masterminding cover ups and spin doctor services whenever bad publicity has hit the respective clients. The cleanup that follows is out of this world as unlimited airtime is given to the client to clean their name as a damage control measure. Some female journalists in their bid to get seats at higher places to wine and dine with the who is who in the political and business world have gone a step further to manifest that there can be beauty without brains by sleeping around with politicians and their proxies.

Intellectual dishonesty among the well-educated middle class courtesy of proceeds of corrupt dealings.They are the benefactors of government tenders,employment opportunities and assorted benefits that come with being a member of this elitist strata in the social stratification system. In-spite of their level of education their arguments when it comes to defending one of their own when he or she is at the wrong is simply amazing, a clear indication that going to school and being educated are two different things.Now with the handshake they are objective to see that the runaway corruption which had taken root in the past 7 years will have dire repercussions on our economy,police brutality and cartel operations which will soon evolve to a state capture arrangement. In this country the level of reasoning between a university professor and a village madman is the same just wait for the electioneering period you will know the difference between the two is the similarity.


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