Things seem to be falling apart in the ruling party the bromance the dynamic duo once enjoyed is over as drums of war,blame games, accusations and counter accusations saturate the political atmosphere. The dynamic duo may not come out to show the split but their lieutenants have done so in black and white. All is not well the Jubilee house is dirty and things are all over, it is already noisy and messy its only a matter of time before we have casualties. Sibling rivalry has suppressed the love of the couple. The priests of corruption and the lords of poverty have found themselves under a single roof. No one is able to generate content for the masses to consume. The lord of poverty has taken some part of the national cake spoiling interfering with the sharing spoiling the party. The priest’s gospel is no longer preach able to the congregation as the lord of poverty is no longer the enemy, the enemy is within.

In the recent past the ruling party’s house has experienced cracks that have not been there before. In what could be seen as President Kenyatta’s betrayal against his Deputy, Ruto still remains adamant in admitting that everything is okay. Language has changed as Kenyatta has been heard calling Ruto Jamaa wa kutangatanga, the man who loiters around as opposed to how he used to call him my brother before the elections a clear indication that the terms of engagement have changed.The simmering undertones and cold war between the two camps is evident with the stances the two take when it comes to the matter of the handcheque or is it handshake and lifestyle audit

Whataver is happening in Jubilee is not a new in Kenyan politics and those who have been keeping tabs will attest. Everybody saw this coming from the word go. The fight against corruption has caused the stalemate making stomachs to rumble and the bed of roses to become even thornier. Kenyan politicians have the character of betraying their friends who help them clinch power. Marriage between former president Mwai Kibaki and Raila Odinga in 2002 broke in 2005 after Kibaki refused to honor their memorandum of understanding they made before the 2002 elections. The agreement was meant for the ouster of the ruling party KANU which had been in power since independence. Uhuru Kenyatta was the KANU flagbearer then.

The pact between former Premier Raila Odinga and Kalonzo Musyoka in 2013 came to standstill after Raila failed to support him in the 2017 election. Uhuru’s tough take on corruption and especially lifestyle audit is likely to see Ruto part ways with him. Some history has it that Ruto cannot account for the wealth he possesses. Ruto’s friends are also expected to worsen the situation due to the tough sentiments that they have been making against President Kenyatta by accusing him of a pretentious fight against corruption stating that he ought to begin with the lifestyle audit of his father who was Kenya’s first president.

The mastermind of the entire tussle remains to be Raila Odinga whose name leaves a bitter taste on the tongues of Ruto’s henchmen in the Jubilee camp. He has been accused of maliciously standing in between Uhuru and Ruto for his own selfish gains. It is feared that Raila may turn out to be Uhuru’s favorite compared to Ruto which may interfere with his arithmetics of clinching the presidency in 2022. Chances of him losing presidency with the support of the statehouse are minimal.

While the politics of 2022  have already started to take shape with realignments here and there, it is still too early to suggest who the giants will be by then. It remains a wait and see game whose final results will be determined by whether or not Odinga will be in the ballot. His presence would mean a tough race for Ruto while his absence would mean the opposite or an introduction of a newcomer as a presidential candidate.


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