Before taking and sending him those nudes ask yourself if you can trust him that much in case things go south. Trusts with your head allow your heart to pump blood.

Technological advancements have completely changed the dating landscape this is manifested by the rise in online nudity courtesy of our never ending sex scandals thanks to leaked nudes and sex tapes. Have you been to those telegram channels where sex tapes and nudes are always posted day in day out followed by contact information of the individuals, sorry individual since most of the victims are women men who are the beneficiaries of the nudity as they either receivers or take the photos and videos are considered to be heroes while ladies are the losers. Jilted lovers always use them as assets to blackmail you once the relationship goes south and they have nothing to lose but everything to gain by taking your reputation to the dogs.

“I wish to categorically state that the above allegations are false, unfounded and baseless.” This is how respectable personalities respond to the allegations so as to safeguard their integrity once a leakage happens. This is followed by cyber bullying by the alpha males who take advantage of your psychological state to further torment you some may even go a step further to call you just to mock you. As I told you earlier a man can only be a victim if he is to be extorted otherwise the woman is always a victim, average men who don’t have anything to lose or gain don’t care even if the evil thoughts in their minds were to be leaked.

A vital topic yet it only takes centre stage when it involves a person of high social standing yet it happens amongst commoners on a daily basis, many suffer in silence with no one to turn to this affects their self-esteem forever. In the wake of Sabina Chege –Wazir Chacha scandal that has numerous loose ends such as how did Chacha have her National Identity number that he used to register an Mpesa line. The Murang’a women representative has vehemently denied any association with Chacha whom she labeled as a con though Chacha has proven himself with photos of him with some elected former women representative in a compromising state. Whatever happened or did not happen between the two is only known by the two and God. Then came the ‘Ndeputy’ Governor of Kirinyaga whom after ‘eating’ public funds went ahead to ‘eat’ the public itself later on appearing on TV with allegations that he was drugged after he vehemently denied the video had been edited for political reasons when it first leaked threatening to sue bloggers responsible for the leak.

How a leaked sex made Kirinyaga Deputy Governor to make National Headlines on The Nairobian
How a leaked sex tape made Kirinyaga Deputy Governor to make National Headlines on The Nairobian

Ms. Sabina Chege has been exposed to constant ridicule on social media with scathing attacks from different quarters whereas Chacha gets accolades. A social media user went on to launch a personal attack on Ms. Chege social media account in her native Kikuyu language when she posted a picture of herself driving a tree planting campaign in Murang’a county. Known for her combative nature, she didn’t take it lightly she gave him a reply of the decade not allowing to be cyber bullied. She has been ‘criss-crossing’ radio stations trying to ‘clean’ her name as the victim not villain with the help of women parliamentarians who ran to save one of their own.

This brings us to the question, what is the influence of technology in our relationships? Technological advancements have enabled social media platforms including Whatsapp, Facebook, IMO, Skype, Tagged, 2GO; amongst others contain vital information about individual users. The databases of these platforms could possibly hold 87% of an individual’s life endeavors, attributes, positivity, negativities and sundries.

Stories of jilted lovers are not foreign even to the ears of the mentally challenged. Social media provides the ultimate platforms for circulation of rumors as annoying as it may be rumors travel faster than the truth ,once the damage is done no amount of damage control can save your reputation as people tend to believe what they hear first.

East African Superstar Diamond Platnumz, jilted by his Ugandan socialite wife Zari Hassan took his frustrations to social media is something on the eve of valentine’s day. In what vwas initially seen as a publicity stunt fuelling showbiz speculation only to be confirmed days later that indeed the South Africa based Ugandan socialite had indeed left.

Students have also found themselves trapped in similar situationships. Straight from the controlled high school environment you join college your first love moments cloud your judgments. The hypersensitivity of young love hypersensitive leads to leakage of sex tapes, nudes and erotic screenshots. The motive behind such leakages is attributed to breakups and squabbles with influence from fellow friends misguide them on how to get back to the other party after a bitter break up going ahead to embarrass their victims online.

Some release life tormenting tapes, screenshots and nudes that leave their victims with emotional scars that last forever due to love triangle dramas. Campus is one place full of naivety and lots of unknowns. Lives are lost out of a mere subject matter termed “love” . Boys fight to death over girls out of the same innuendos of love which at certain scenarios are mere, petty and groundless sentiments.

Albeit what damage sex – bound scandals are not a preference of our vulnerable teens, influential personalities such as Sabina Chege have had their credibility put to the sword. Legendary golfer Tiger had to sacrifice his career for what could be termed as “man – hoeing controversies”.

Exposure to nudity has heightened thanks to our tech –savvy generations. A young girl can confidently sex chat with a stranger she met on social media a few days ago. This was impossibility a few years back. It startles the universe today, the same incident could be orchestrated by teens as young as 15 without second thoughts.

The age at which our children comprehend the dynamics of sex is alarming. A 12 year old girl knows a lot compared to her age. It wouldn’t come as a surprise should the city wake up to numerous pictures of her nudity on a fine Monday morning.

These are the lost morals our children hold. Now, do you fancy such a teenager growing up to be modest, pious and morally erect? No way no! It’s now a job opportunity for extortionists who manipulate their victims leaked pictures, sex tapes and screenshots completely exposing their emotional weakness which the perpetrators capitalize on.

Nudes and sex tapes are pornographic in nature thus illegal according to the Kenyan Constitution, 2010 as for the screenshots invasion of privacy law covers it. The best way to avoid such character – tainting embarrassments is to keep the lowest possible profile on matters social media. The more we interact with these platforms, the more information we give away


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