Bottomline: Whoever came up with the Jakadala farce is a brilliant propagandist and alarmist, from naming,packaging,conveying to the place of origin left no information gap convincing even the doubting Thomases.
A Thoroughly edited video of a ‘willing’witness of the alleged disease has been doing rounds on various social media platform. The disease named Jakadala after popular Ohangla or is it Benga singer Musa Jakadala who also happens to come from Luo Nyanza, Migori being one of the counties in Luo Nyanza. A region that has high HIV/AIDS prevalance stands at 13.3% far much above the national average of 4.5% according to The Kenya Aids Response Progress Report 2018. The timing of the outbreak came when the county has hit national headlines for the wrong reasons after Governor Obado was accused of having a hand in the death of Saron,or is it Sharon. How timely Jakadala outbreak in Migori………..
The disease ‘according’ to local residents as local blogs and news websites reported before county and national health officials moved in to hush the outbreak rumors, is a sexually transmitted, common among the ‘joyriders’ of unprotected sex. It’s incubation phase according to ‘sources’ is shorter and men soon come face to face with their prompt demise 4 hours after contracting the vicious malady.
Migori residents compelled scientists alongside health researchers and medics to urgently investigate the infection so as  to get concise, cognitive, viable inferences. With slight  uncertain hopes that the killer, venomous disease is capable to saunter towards a culpable capability of getting a quick, hasty cure.
Rumors have it that this snake – lethargic disease had killed close to 400 victims within only a week of contracting the (S.T.I).
“My friend only took 5 hours. We followed him to hospitality after he had been rushed to the nearby health facility. More and more citizens allegedly had symptoms of the somehow malicious infection; prompting the county health officials to swiftly probe the matter as they sought to contain the dark ailment.
A video posted on YouTube around December 23 (1,363 views) shows a male victim enduring critical nail – striking pain. The sorry man was wailing abhorrently solemnly as he hovered round and about some chair set at the vicinity of his homestead.
Findings from researchers have however reveled that the disease is only a hoax . The malady has only been propagated and trended to suit the hypothesis era’s own personal whims.
“Visitors to Migori county should feel safe. There is nothing to worry as the place is safe,”said Doctor Oluoch. The locale’s doctor was quick to warn Kenyans against indulging in sexual promiscuity.”However, persons ought to avoid and deter from reckless sexual activities. Especially during this festive season.
The only case of penile cancer diagnosed at Migori county referral hospital was referred to Eldoret for further examination by medics, this was a lone case that aided much in troubleshooting the much rumor-mongered beastly sexually transmitted disease.It is however vital that Kenyans engage in responsible sex following the prevalence of HIV/AIDS in the country.



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