There is this ‘coldness’ that comes with exams especially when the exam happens to be in the morning hours. Knowledge and content amassed during the semester is of no importance;phone charge percentage,data bundles availablity in your sim card of choice and who will seat next to you is what matters.Academics performance ceased to be a process based,its now a result centred attending lectures,group discussions and regular library visitations don’t count much as the intrigues of exam manipulation reduce all this effort to zero.

Waking up early during the exam period leaving their rooms earlier than expected during normal lecture days to camp at the door of the exam room waiting for your accomplices who form crucial part of your squadron to carry out a reconnaissance on the perfect seating sport where your formation is likely to squeeze maximum returns. Dressed to confuse everyone is neat to avoid suspicion from the invigilating lecturers,avoiding suspect attires mostly the rugged casual look of timberland blended with jeans and t shirt for male members of the society one opts for an official look a suit if necessary otherwise a sweater,shirt and khaki trouser fits the bill. As for the female students revealing attires from miniskirts to those tops that show their cleavage in their bid to confuse male lecturers supervising the exam.

A perfect formation should be gender sensitive observing the one third,1/3 gender rule envisaged in our constitution.Comprising of at least 3 students; the intelligent guy who attends all lectures,visits the library frequently, lecturers favorite student as he asks and answers questions who will take care of the compulsory no. 1 question which is usually a very complicated 25 marks question with use the answer in part (a) to answer (b) and (b) to answer (c) ;the courageous person who has limited or no content, preferably a lady, who can use her phone to ask uncle Google anything that the intelligent guy can’t hack at the moment or will take him long to hack when the lecturer is standing right beside her and finally the master deception specialist in-charge of surveillance monitoring the movements of the supervising lecturer in the exam room predicting his every move before hand, he doubles up as a wing man who shield the formation incase they come under fire. A good formation should also have a stunning girl for a reason one can guess.

The whole issue of formations and squads may reawaken the ill famed fallacy of university students are to blame for exam cheating. The fact however remains that poor systems are to blame. Some universities tend to impose strict rules to curb exam cheating without evaluating the root course of the vice.With possible expulsion and 1000 academic day suspension as the price to pay if caught, students care less as it is better to try than wait to be used to form the normal distribution curve.Nobody cares about the process,everyone cares about the outcome plus who fancies graduating with a pass. In a society full of short cuts everywhere no wonder gambling is viewed as the easiest way out of poverty with betting firms cropping up everywhere everyday.

Extremely difficult examinations make university students to cheat. The exams contain content that does not in any way relate to the programs they pursue. The papers tend to be more of a sieve rather than an opportunity for the lecturer to examine the mental abilities of his/her students to solve societal problems in their field of study. Tackling the paper with the relevant knowledge that you have, might see you secure less than forty marks hence facing the wrath of supplementary examinations. You will later be required to part with some extra cash to retake the exam, an amount you cannot confidently ask for from your parents because of failing an exam.

Some course units are taught once in a semester with the same lecturers being busy attending to the huge number of students in both public and private universities. In thir bid to look for additional sources of income some double up as consultants for various organizations and county governments abdicating their roles is another bone of contention. Students might be expected to sit for an exam they have had less than three lectures, the entire semester a period of four months. In such a case, students are left with no option other than doing all it takes to pass. Lecturers teaching such courses feel guilty of strictly supervising students to put down information they are sure was not disseminated through lectures.

Should the Ministry of Education fail to intervene by reviewing the  university curriculum,higher education will remain to be a rite of passage rather than a solution to the never ending societal problems facing the country.


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