I am enough
Artistic Amy: I am enough
I don’t know what’s wrong with me. Everyone leaves. Everyone lies. Everyone forgets,hurts or plays me. I’m I that bad?

I know I’m not too hot. I’ll probably never turn you on or take your breath away. But I am enough.
You see, I can make you laugh. I make makes you feel wanted and sometimes I can be fucking cute. I know I’m black but trust me when I say my promises are not. I am enough.

I don’t live up to expectations. I don’t let teachers define me. They bleed too. I know I am enough. I may not be the best but I sure am my own kind of beautiful and that’s what counts. I am enough

Oluh Ffinsky: You say you are enough, you say you are your own kind of beauty
You say your promises are not
But here is the twist
I want more than enough
I want you to know whats wrong with you, why everyone leave and lie
Why they forget, fail to love or like a ball see you fit to play
I want you to find out if you are that bad
Then maybe,
Just maybe
Unlike them
I might find you enough, i might get to know what’s wrong with you
I may help you diagnose why people leave
Because by then
You will be my queen
The vicar to my kingdom
Like always
Like a true African man
I will be there to protect you
Its a vow i took
Before my peers, and soon to your best friends
But first
Find out why

Artistic Amy: Trust me I’ve been there before,
Someone always promising to stay,
Someone always not being able to handle the hurricane that I am
Someone always asking for a first,second or even a third chance

You see,I’m always the girl who gives
I’m always the girl who saves? But who saves me?
I’m always the girl who let’s people read her out like an open book
No more, I’m enough
I’m enough for me.

Oluh Ffinsky:But at least, in my contacts you are saved
You give too much, and that may not be enough
You are a hurricane to a whirl wind
You are some strong storm for some light boat
You need to tone it down
Like your voice
Reduce the intensity
Give more than enough
Give until they can no longer drink from your cup
Give until you can give no more
Everyday is a new beginning
And new people come into our lives
I’m not trying to woo you my way, but at least know that am just as fine as my writings

Artistic Amy: What if I’m too tired of giving.
What if I’m already empty..
What If all I need now is your love and care. For me to feel myself again.

Oluh Ffinky: If that’s all you need, like Nakumatt you got it
If more you need
I will be ready to offers what counts. I am enough



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