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Bottomline: When it rains they opt to cover their hair leaving other parts of the body to be rained on seriously shows how valuable their hair is….

Female varsity students value hair like it’s the only ticket they have to heaven. While the boy child is busy catching up with every soccer match available during the day, ladies cling to their hair. It’s the rhythm they know, the vision they have found. Slay queens have a daily vibe ” Don’t touch my hair it’s the feeling I swear”. The beauty of a woman lies in the hair, it’s a symbol of pride. Swahili people say;” Msichana ni nywele.”

Covering the head the hair is is the most valuable part of her body millions of money have been invested, leave alone the billions squandered in corruption dealings countrywide. When it rains they opt to cover their hair leaving other parts of the body to be rained on seriously shows how valuable their hair is. A walk around salons will give you a clear picture how ladies try hard not to wince at the burning sensation on the scalp, holding breath, clinging teeth holding tears is  proof enough that indeed pain is beauty and beauty is painful.

We prayed for rains and it’s July, rains are finally here, what we didn’t think though was the struggle of keeping our hair fresh throughout the rainy season . You can leave your hostel or area of residence with perfect styled hair but the humidity that comes with this rainy season or the possibility of getting rained on can totally mess up your look.

Giving answers to why ladies are of late wearing multi colored caps and marvins to lecture halls. Rehema, a media student laments of how rains, accompanied by hailstones did her injustice, her three day braided hair was reduced to smelly curls .worry no more, here is a rescue . The following hair styles will make this time less agonizing for you:

Photo Courtesy: Head Wraps

Head wraps; this will keep your hair dry , you can choose to do it partially or wrap the whole head

Photo Courtesy: Stylish bun

Stylish bun; Styling your hair in a bun won’t take a lot of your time. It ensures your hair is not exposed to much rain. Its also quick and easy to style

Photo Courtesy: Good old braids

Good old braids; Most ladies opt for braids, it doesn’t take time to dry up, absorbing little moisture, furthermore their is a whole lot of braids to choose from.

Photo Courtesy: styling straw set

Styling straw set; Perfect for relaxed hair,getting wet makes it look more good and new for a while.

Rainy season is a time to rock in one’s natural hair,

Photo Courtesy: Natural hair

it can retain a lot of humidity and rain will do just that. Actually this is the perfect style. There is a tangle of beauty and elegance caught up in all the curls, cheap for that matter requiring less maintenance. It’s easy, twirl your hair in a messy burn, tuck your hair behind your ears, if you have long hair,toss your pony tail over your shoulder , let the hair free. You can as well leave your room in wet natural curled hair, here you go happily slaying with no worries about rain, in case it comes it will add more taste to your hair. Not that you’re poor or lack Money to maintain your hair, remember ” I am not my hair.

It’s time we be free from the cliche; a woman hair is her glory. Let’s go short. Cut your hair short, give it style, like a sleek Bob with side bangs, leave the center part a little bit long, or rather keep it dyed. You’ll look classy, rain will be a forgone story. Time has a way of setting events. Soon the weather will be gone so you can go back to your normal styles . For now, let’s embrace the rainy season hair styles.


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