My official name is Duncan Ondieki, that’s what my national identity card says. Though am popularly known as Dj Big Dun because a name I obtained due to my disc Jockey ability. I am a third year student pursuing a degree in film production and animation at Multimedia University.

I fell in love with the musical booth back in 2016 when I joined campus, and I have no regret since. Diversity is key, and some wise man once said in swahili that, kidole kimoja hakivunji chawa,one finger can’t break a lice so anybody asking why Deejaying and not some media related side hustle all I can tell them is that we are all unique in our own ways since life allows us to be as diverse as possible.To me music soothes both the heart and the soul making one to forget the underlying day to day pressures.

It is no doubt that I made the right choice, in a society filled with DJs, its hard to get a show unless you cut a niche for yourself.

My magical fingers have seen me share the stage with well known acts in the entertainment industry. This year , alongside other big names, I was lined up for Mr and Miss Multimedia University that was held at the Bomas of Kenya.

I am also thankful for the entertainment joints that have given me a platform to showcase my skills, Diaspora Lounge in Rongai for example, where I spin the decks each and every Friday , Club Westonate at Weston Hotel where I bring the house down for all January babies at the end of the month. I am also a regular at Trenton Lounge where I bring Rongai to a standstill anytime that am around. Victoria’s Lounge is just one of the many entertainment outlets that have trusted to musically satisfy revelers who throng in to unwind from daily pressures.

Recently, I just landed a radio show on our campus radio 99.9 MMU Radio where I host the drive show from 4 to 7 pm.

Alongside other upcoming artists, I have started a campaign dubbed “The Campus Comedy Tour” which aims at promoting fresh untapped talents at our institutions of higher learning where drugs and sex have taken over becoming the order of the day. We first tried this in Multimedia University (MMU) and it was a huge success thus we promised our fans that this will continue as long as there is goodwill.

Dj Big Dun at a past event

No road is smooth from hills to the valleys,mine is no different. Getting booked for shows is one uphill task I have been forced to deal with. You have to know people who know people so that they can ‘fix’ shows for you after which they request for kickbacks which end up drastically reducing the amount you were to take home.Rogue events promoters often give you peanuts yet when you complain you are given a career threatening blackout leaving you in the wilderness forcing you to go back begging for the peanut payments again.Like all sectors in the country, the entertainment industry has cartels that control the popularity of deejays this has continuously locked out upcoming talents while the big names enjoy monopoly thanks to their networks of fixers this has hampered growth of the industry as new names are locked out due to technicalities.Besides being contented with sim sim payouts you take home there is cutthroat competition where visibility is everything since when you are out of the limelight nobody remembers you even existed.