Prison officers take potential recruits through a physical examination exercise. Photo/Domenic Ntoogo

Bottomline: Advertisements for professional positions in the prison department will be done soon. That is why we have advised graduates who turned up for the exercise to wait for that time for consideration.

The ongoing recruitment for Prison constables has been received with mixed reactions by the many youth who bore the brunt of the rigorous exercise across various recruitment centres in Tharaka Nithi County and other parts of the country. Whereas, some youth cried foul that the exercise was marred with corruption, no substantive evidence was observed by reporters as none was provided by the complainants.

Superintendent of Prisons (SP) Simon Gangome who oversaw the recruitment exercise in Meru South and Maara Sub-counties described the exercise as flawless. However,he  expressed concerns over the high number of recruits who turned up without relevant documents.

University graduates who had swarmed in droves thanks to the biting unemployment across the country at respective recruitment centres gunning for slots were declared persona non grata even before the exercise kicked off.

They were advised to seek apply for professional positions whose application will be advertised at a later date for them to quickly rise through the ranks promotions. Some of the graduates who snaked in with the hope of being recruited expressed their displeasure claiming that they have applied for the professional positions within the country’s security agencies when advertised but have never been shortlisted prompting them to try their luck. Many were disappointed because they had brought their academic certificates alongside supporting documents required for one to join the Kenya Prisons Service.

“Advertisements for professional positions in the prison department will be done soon. That is why we have advised graduates who turned up for the exercise to wait for that time for consideration,” SP Gangome.

Graduates aside, there many other potential recruits who turned up for the exercise. Many were turned down for various reasons. Lady luck might not have been on their side this time round. We wish them success next time. After all, there is a maximum number that can be recruited into the service each year.

Others were either observers who decided to try their luck on arrival at the grounds or what would one say of the youth who despite scarcity of employment opportunities turn up without the requisite documents when an opportunity presents itself? Which employer would take you seriously if you turned up for an interview with a poorly scribbled Curriculum Vitae (CV) with no supporting professional and academic certificates?

For those who turned up with examination result slips, all one can say is that they are impatient if their certificates are not out yet or totally ignorant if they have failed to collect them from their former learning institutions. Why is it difficult to read behind the result slip where it is clearly written that the provisional document is not a certificate? The potential employer did not ask for a result.

Remember this is a permanent job and cannot rely on a document that does not only have no watermark but also is subject to change. It is like occupying statehouse following provisional presidential election results that have not been confirmed by the requisite electoral body. Some even forged documents, a criminality though it is good to note that none was reported in the county.

Most of youths who were turned down for failing to produce original certificates in centres even beyond Tharaka Nithi claimed they only had Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) result slips because their original certificates were retained at the schools due to school fees balances but who are the recruitment officers to overlook what has been prescribed by their employer?

They, say when the going gets tough, the tough gets going. It is advisable to be properly prepared especially for an exercise that takes place once in not less than 365 days. Well it should be a lesson for those who were turned down and future potential recruits.

SP Simon Gangome said it was a difficult task to pick the best as many were qualified with all the requisite papers.

“The candidates are required to have a minimum of KCSE mean grade of D + and should be between 18 and 28 years of age,” added the Superintendent of Prisons.


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